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Benidorm is back!

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IsChippyMintonExDirectory Fri 02-Jan-15 22:12:58

Watching it on +1 now. Hope it's a good one, the first 3 series were outstanding and the last few havent come close.

BadLad Sat 03-Jan-15 02:03:13

Series 1 and 2 were brilliant.
3 was quite good.
4 was shite, with the stupid kart race being the height of the idiocy.
5 and 6 were OK. I wasn't convinced by the new family, though.

I hate Les, Liam, Ms Temple Savage and Noreen's daughter. Was so sad to read of Kenny Ireland (Donald) dying.

Will watch the new series but not with the anticipation I once had.

EdSheeransGString Sat 10-Jan-15 03:14:28

This is my guilty pleasure grin

I love it, especially madge

the storylines are a bit hmm but very funny and entertaining

susiedaisy Sat 10-Jan-15 18:35:54

Series 1 and 2 were great the rest have gone down hill and become ridiculous IMO

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