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Streaming TV with subtitles

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OddBoots Mon 29-Dec-14 23:09:42

I've got Amazon Prime so I have been using the TV service, I like it but it's of limited use to me as it doesn't have subtitles. Does anyone else use any other service that does have subs?

MegMogandOwlToo Mon 29-Dec-14 23:15:35

It is frustrating how few programmes on the Amazon instant video have subtitles!

Most things on Netflix have subtitles.

daisychicken Wed 21-Jan-15 12:51:29

Just wondering if anyone else has opinions on streaming TV with subtitles? Currently we watch DVD's or DH will download and then hunt out subtitles but we have been wondering abiut trying Amazon or Netflix - no point for me if the subtitles are awful or not enough programmes have them. Any thoughts?

JaneFonda Wed 21-Jan-15 14:38:46

I'd say go for Netflix - there's a month's free trial when you join and if you cancel before it ends then you don't pay anything. You could use that time to look at the selection of programmes and see what has subtitles. smile

daisychicken Thu 22-Jan-15 09:49:15

Hadn't thought of the free trial, thanks x

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