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boy in the dress - did anyone watch it?

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cleanmachine Fri 26-Dec-14 20:57:13

Did anyone else watch this? Usually me and the dc love david walliams books and adaptations. We were really looking forward to this but it wasn't great. The kids didn't enjoy it and although I thought it was ok it just seemed a bit flat.

Cant put my finger on why. Is it autobiographical? Love the message behind the book but don't think it translated well into the screen.

Sparklingbrook Fri 26-Dec-14 21:00:09

I agree. It was all a bit meh.

We all shouted 'Darling!!' when the Head came on, plus Jay from the Inbetweeners will always only ever be Jay from The Inbetweeners sadly.

Hulababy Fri 26-Dec-14 21:01:07

DD seemed to enjoy it. I only saw short bits of it so I'm not sure.

cleanmachine Fri 26-Dec-14 21:02:10

It was nice to see Raj back again.

cleanmachine Fri 26-Dec-14 21:05:37

Looking back I think the whole cross dressing issue was completely lost on my dc. They just didn't get the concept of it all. It's probably too adult a concept to fully grasp for younger kids.

CynthiaDelgado Fri 26-Dec-14 21:43:36

I've not read the books but enjoyed it more than gangsta granny and the one the year before that.

fallingdownrabbit Fri 26-Dec-14 21:45:14

mine enjoyed it a lot and we're cheering at the football match

BikeRunSki Fri 26-Dec-14 21:49:17

I really enjoyed it, ds(6) did too, lots of shouting at the football match.

GothMummy Fri 26-Dec-14 21:50:01

We all watched it and enjoyed it, I like Meera Syal and Jennifer Saunders.

18yearstooold Fri 26-Dec-14 21:54:46

I watched it with my 11 year old

We preferred the book

Zipitydooda Fri 26-Dec-14 21:57:43

We all thought it was good. DS age 7 and 10.

JemimaMuddledUp Fri 26-Dec-14 22:00:35

Mine enjoyed it, though as with all of them preferred the book.

I actually welled up a little bit at the end, I think Christmas is getting to me.

ThePortlyPinUp Fri 26-Dec-14 22:04:43

My dd's (13,9,7,6) all really enjoyed it, we watched it with my dsis and DH and all agreed best thing on Christmas tv so far. Particularly loved David Walliams as the ref.

Starlightbright1 Fri 26-Dec-14 22:43:18

I loved David as Ref...

We snuggled and enjoyed it.

EachandEveryone Sat 27-Dec-14 14:23:19

My nieces 10, 11, and 13 hated it. They love his book, they thought it was depressing and "not like real life" I pointed out that it probably was they said it just wasn't funny. They like David Walliams funny.

sailorsgal Sat 27-Dec-14 15:07:58

ds 8 loved the book and enjoyed watching it on tv last night. He did describe David Walliams character as "jolly". grin

TheOldestCat Sat 27-Dec-14 18:02:53

DD (8) loved it - she also enjoyed Mr Stink, but was disappointed by Gangsta Granny.

BL00CowWonders Sat 27-Dec-14 18:22:16

Watching it now on iplayer. Unfortunately we know the audio book by heart (a car favourite) and the TV version just doesn't compare.
Unlike Mr Stink which we all loved smile

R4roger Sun 28-Dec-14 13:19:57

we enjoyed it, not read the books though.

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