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God the telly is total crap tonight

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ssd Thu 25-Dec-14 22:08:33

wouldnt watch downtown/midwife crap/miranda/dr who if you paid me

not much else on
bet mn is busy!!

Sparklingbrook Thu 25-Dec-14 22:12:24

Isn't it just? I am watching Chatty Man. sad

usualsuspect333 Thu 25-Dec-14 22:13:39

I just watched an old Johnathon Creek.

ssd Thu 25-Dec-14 22:15:30

we're watching "the best Xmas songs", ch5, seen it the other night but ds2 wants to see it, as well as be on his phone at the same time

the movies have been awful today too! jurassic park and back to the future shock

Sparklingbrook Thu 25-Dec-14 22:16:59

At one point DH had a carry on film on. hmm I watched Christmas Blackadder, and Miranda. one was vv funny the other wasn't. I will let you guess.

GlacindaTheTroll Thu 25-Dec-14 22:17:50

I'm watching reruns of TBBT (they had the Xmas ones, but are now on to general ones).

usualsuspect333 Thu 25-Dec-14 22:18:54

We appear to be watching a Western now.

ssd Thu 25-Dec-14 22:18:55

dh watched an on the bus's film, maybe it was the same film sb

did I miss blackadder sad

cant stand miranda, as funny as putting a hankie in the wash

ssd Thu 25-Dec-14 22:20:41

whats TBBT?

Sparklingbrook Thu 25-Dec-14 22:21:10

I have had the complete set of Bottom on DVD for Christmas so i watched one episode, and laughed a lot. But don't think the rest of the family wanted to watch 3 series back to back. sad

DS1 has had the Inbetweeners 3 movie but has taken it up to his pit and refuses to watch it with us.

JavelinArse Thu 25-Dec-14 22:21:29

There's a Christmas Father Ted on at 11 I think?

TV has been crap today, I never watch it but thought I'd treat myself today... And there's naff all on!!

ssd Thu 25-Dec-14 22:23:39

I couldnt watch that with mine sb blush

will watch father ted

wineoclockthanks Thu 25-Dec-14 22:26:21

TBBT is The Big Bang Theory and sadly was probably the best thing on this evening.

LaurieFairyCake Thu 25-Dec-14 22:27:06

Call the Midwife was incredible - full of stories of different loves

JavelinArse Thu 25-Dec-14 22:32:13

I've just looked at the TV guide, Father Ted (on c4) isn't on until midnight shock no way I can stay up that late!!

Sparklingbrook Thu 25-Dec-14 22:37:13

Chatty Man has got a bit better. Emma Willis and McBusted now.

CalamitouslyWrong Thu 25-Dec-14 23:06:30

We watched the weird shit aboit upside down Christmas trees (which, if the programme is to be believed, are actually a thing confused) and people doing ludicrous christmas lights displays. I say 'watched' but I mostly MNed and DH read a book about the mega drive.

GlacindaTheTroll Fri 26-Dec-14 14:06:54

HMQ topped the ratings

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