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Grey's Anatomy - thank you mumsnet!

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IsChippyMintonExDirectory Mon 22-Dec-14 22:32:17

A couple of weeks ago I saw a thread about GA and decided to give it a whirl as I was looking for a new show to watch.

So thank you to whoever started that - just finished season 2 and Oh Lordy am I just a bit obsessed!

Although I have to say I don't like the main character of Meredith - I find her tremendously insipid and couldn't care less about her relationship with McTwatty. I'm far more invested in the likes of Yang/Burke, George/Callie and Izzy/Denny (oh I have cried through every single one of their scenes together). I don't think I've seen DH in about 10 days due to watching episodes as soon as DD is in bed. In fact I'm not sure where he is right now - could be downstairs, could be at his friends, could be sunning it in California - and I care not as long as he is out of my way for the next 2 hours so I can start season 3 grin

Coldcuppacoffee Mon 22-Dec-14 22:39:16

Bloody love it. I once texted Dh on the side of the world to update him.

IMurderedStampyLongnose Mon 22-Dec-14 22:40:49

Haha you have the bug too.I also thoroughly dislike Meredith,though I could eat Derek with a spoonsmile Also love Yang.Started watching one snowy day and then watched nine series over two weeks-loved every minute!Enjoy the rest:-)

FiloPasty Mon 22-Dec-14 22:43:00

I've pretty much watched it every spare minute for the last six months. I just have the last episode of season 10 to watch, does anyone know when season 11 starts? Or has it already been on?

Morgan Mon 22-Dec-14 22:44:45

Season 11 is on sky living .

Getyourflipflopson Mon 22-Dec-14 22:45:05

I've just caught up to live after starting it last year. It's great, isn't it? Bit depressed about a stupid mid season finale though (season 11) what's that all about? confused

Morgan Mon 05-Jan-15 22:13:43

There's always a mid-season break but I've got about 4 episodes to watch to get there.

olaflikeswarmhugs Mon 05-Jan-15 22:16:13

Oooh what are you watching it on ? I have Virgin and I don't have it is it on sky ? I'd love to go back to the start and watch them all again .

Izzy and Denny is by far my favourite storyline of the whole series

HowMuchMoreWee Mon 05-Jan-15 22:19:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IsChippyMintonExDirectory Mon 05-Jan-15 23:13:23

I'm watching it on Sly box sets (extra fiver a month and worth every penny), quarter of a way through season 4 and very addicted!!
Still can't stand Meredith, insipid rude biatch!! Her and Derek are the dullest couple/non-couple alive, all that gazing longingly at each other makes me wanna scream!

IsChippyMintonExDirectory Mon 05-Jan-15 23:13:59

*sky not sly

douchbag Tue 06-Jan-15 17:56:46

I'm also hooked, I'm just coming towards the end of season 10. Anyone know if series 11 is available to watch anywhere? My sky decided it didn't want to do the series link I set up x

ICanTuckMyBoobsInMyPockets Tue 06-Jan-15 17:59:32

I'm halfway through Series 6 and I'm hooked!
I love Yang and Bailey.
I'd marry George, he's so loveable.

oneowlgirl Tue 06-Jan-15 22:28:33

Welcome - GA is ace grin

The first few seasons are the best though so enjoy!

Beggy15 Mon 12-Jan-15 15:41:37

Very delayed on this I watched all the series in 3 weeks when I was poorly (no shame) I loved it until the last two seasons!

Although it does make me more an more determined to become a doctor sometimes it's very daft.

Major soft spot for Dr Sloane though the little doll

oneowlgirl Tue 13-Jan-15 00:07:04

I still really miss Mark & Lexie blush

PeaStalks Tue 13-Jan-15 14:26:08

Sloan pops up as the Captain in The Last Ship more lovely trashy American TV

GraysAnalogy Tue 13-Jan-15 14:29:04

oneowl you've just possibly spoiled it there

oneowlgirl Tue 13-Jan-15 19:50:04

Oh sorry, I thought everyone had said they were almost caught up. Definitely not intentional as I wouldn't want to spoil Greys for anyone!

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