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Newsroom box set dvd

(13 Posts)
Heels99 Tue 16-Dec-14 19:42:48

just started watching this, two episodes in its dire! Loved west wing but Emily Mortimer is ruining this for me...anyone else?

WerewolfBarMitzvah Tue 16-Dec-14 19:45:24

I watched it ages ago but thought it was alright. But I quite like Emily Mortimer.
Mind you I always hear her say 'Hollow bones' in my head when I see her from when she was on 30 rock.

LongDistanceLove Tue 16-Dec-14 19:47:02

It's brilliant! I've seen them all now, I really wish it hadn't ended.

chipsandpeas Tue 16-Dec-14 19:51:48

i love it and sad when it finished

Heels99 Tue 16-Dec-14 22:46:20

Does it get better, should I persevere?
Love 30rock. Is newsroom supposed to be funny? I can't tell

BeHoHoHove Tue 16-Dec-14 22:50:21

The Newsrooms finished? Noooo

stupidgreatgrinonmyface Wed 17-Dec-14 01:28:20

One episode left this week and then that's it. So sad last week. I will miss it. sad

LongDistanceLove Wed 17-Dec-14 05:33:43

It's not a comedy no, but there is some humor in it.

I'd persevere.

Fiderer Wed 17-Dec-14 05:53:09

Yes, dire and yes, bloody Emily Mortimer. And Maggie The Drip.

S3 did start off better but faltered heavily towards the end. I've just watched the last episode and what a disappointment that was.

No, it's not supposed to be funny, it is at times weepingly UNfunny.

I even gave up on Will. Alas Sorkin, it could have been really good.

Fiderer Wed 17-Dec-14 05:55:49

Sloan and Don get better, I liked her more in the end.

And Jane Fonda was consistently good.

Trying to think of something else positive.


It was a bit like Sorkin-by-numbers but they didn't join up, iyswim.

WerewolfBarMitzvah Wed 17-Dec-14 12:35:34

I have a mega girl crush on Sloan. I want to be her.

Heels99 Wed 17-Dec-14 14:57:49

Hmmm think life is too short to perseve with Emily Mortimer.
Any other recommendations?

Fiderer Thu 18-Dec-14 16:21:57

I enjoyed Veep. Took a while to warm up but worth sticking with.

Parks and Recreation was a real find. Again took a while to get going but as soon as they stopped making the main character dippy, it was great.

Ripper Street and Peaky Blinders I'd recommend.

Scandal is like The West Wing as a soap opera and gets dafter. I wouldn't pay for a boxset but it's good mindless rubbish towatchonlinecough

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