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The Missing BBC1- thread 3

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EauLittleRougeofBethlehem Fri 05-Dec-14 20:51:57

Thread 1

Thread 2

Spoilers thread

Now, about that scarf.....

ArsenicSoup Fri 05-Dec-14 21:06:29

Strangulation risk <gavel>

EauLittleRougeofBethlehem Fri 05-Dec-14 21:12:56

Ooh, good theory. It was the scarf what dunnit.

ArsenicSoup Fri 05-Dec-14 21:13:38


AuntieStella Fri 05-Dec-14 21:16:23

I've just posted on thread 2: it's a special summer scarf innit?

Ollie was wearing it during the day at the castle (though not when he entered the bar where he was last seen).

And the other boy, in Sylvie's FB photo, was wearing it in July too (Bastille Day parade).

Trunchbull Fri 05-Dec-14 21:57:18

Just chucking my sobriety coin in to mark my place.

CrapBag Fri 05-Dec-14 22:27:43

Thread 3! And I bet none of us are even close grin. Basically I'm place marking.

LauraPashley Fri 05-Dec-14 23:14:32

Only a few days to go!! How about we post in as few words as possible who we think dunnit... I'll start with ....

Hotelier (Alain?)

MsRyanGosling Fri 05-Dec-14 23:15:55

Baptiste fgrin

Just kidding.

ihavenonameonhere Fri 05-Dec-14 23:36:19

Not sure who's done it but believe Ollie is dead and they will find his body and will be able to move forward. I think Emily will leave mark and her and tony will at least finally understand each other.

AuntieStella Sat 06-Dec-14 09:21:31

I think I might star working out a case against a Baptiste, just to try to surface all the possibilities.

First point is: why does he talk to so very openly to Mark about a sensitive ongoing/Paris based undercover operation into a pan-European criminal ring.
a) just story telling coincidence so a few things can be made explicit in English?
b) because he wants to spread knowledge around so that he can increase the pressure on Ziane (a good cop, already infuriated when Baptiste seems to go easy on a suspect). Then it will be easy to frame Ziane and remove him from centre of investigations.
c) he knew all the relevant info that gang would need to murder Leon
d) he appeared to be involved in running Leon's undercover op (was the first person he asked for when arrested, not the other policeman who B described as in charge)
e) was, according to Tony, late ('what kept you?') when he was actually exactly on time once in 2014, remarked on because so out of character from when he knew him before. So why was he late in meeting Leon's train? Did he want to be sure the murderer was there first?

MerryMo Sat 06-Dec-14 09:38:18

Am I the only one who thinks this series is like pulling teeth!

I am intrigued and bored at the same time.

It just seems so painfully slow.

Trunchbull Sat 06-Dec-14 09:50:00

No, Stella, no! Don't say that!

Too invested. Love Baptiste, which actually is not a good sign. It'll be him, you watch. I always pick wrong 'uns...

EauLittleRougeofBethlehem Sat 06-Dec-14 10:27:44

Can we make it a rule that all place marking posts must include a photo of Baptiste?

I don't think it is him. I can't think of a possible motive. Which probably means it's him. I did actually work out whodunnit in Broadchurch, but only because I figured it must be the least obvious one.

I think someone that Olleh knew must have been the one to take him, so I'm going to say Alain. I expect others were involved too; George probably, and maybe the Romanian gang.

MsRyanGosling Sat 06-Dec-14 10:36:07


Trunchbull Sat 06-Dec-14 11:08:52

I've already marked my place, but I feel I need to mark it again...

EauLittleRougeofBethlehem Sat 06-Dec-14 11:22:24

I'd better just mark my place again in case I lose it.

AuntieStella Sat 06-Dec-14 11:35:52

'Olleh' I suppose to match the "olé, olé, olé, olé ola" chants of the footie fans on the night of the disappearance.

AramintaDeWinter Sat 06-Dec-14 14:25:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AuntieStella Sat 06-Dec-14 15:59:12

To go along with the production error over Ronaldo's haircut, there another possible one at the start of Ep4 on the 2006 timeline: Mark sees journo in taxi queue outside St Pancras, which I would assume was meant to convey both had just arrived back from Lille area on the Eurostar. Which ran out of Waterloo until 2007.

ArsenicSoup Sat 06-Dec-14 16:00:33

To go along with the production error over Ronaldo's haircut

Eh? I can't keep up...

EauLittleRougeofBethlehem Sat 06-Dec-14 16:23:54

Someone on the Digital Spy thread pointed out that the football footage was wrong because they showed Ronaldo with his 2002 haircut. Or something.

Maybe Ronaldo's haircut is a clue.

ArsenicSoup Sat 06-Dec-14 16:32:29

Oh gosh, I need to up my game.

And I need spreadsheets and maybe one of those big glass walls to scribble on smile

AuntieStella Sat 06-Dec-14 16:40:14

Maybe it's telling us that the timings are indeed very awry (I never did sort out when Ollie was born)?

I have another theory brewing up as I rewatch ep4.

What Tony signs in Ian's office has 'contract" in bold. What is he signing?

How far did investigators go into Ian's affairs following his disappearance? What was this contract? Was it something designed to be Ian's 'insurance policy'? - something that would stop Tony speaking up if he discovered something damning about Ian (which might not be connected to Ollie's disappearance, but might be surfaced if a clean and extensive investigation took place in Chalons).

Did Baptiste see it in 2006?

What was in the second envelope?

Who, apart from Vincent (who I have pegged as interpreter for criminal activities), worked for Ian? Would Mary have come over in aftermath of Ian's disappearance? Could she have access to personal papers, and is what she discovered (maybe in a private safe) what led to her locked-in state?

How did Emily know where to find Mary?

AuntieStella Sat 06-Dec-14 17:11:19

Another strand on 'could Julien be a baddie?'

His daughter returns regularly for mony, even though her mother says there must be plenty of other ways she could secure is. Mother interprets this as still wanting her home. But what if it's easy blackmail? Could she, moving in a world of addicts and suppliers, have discovered that her father is boss of Caid?

(one translation site says Caid means boss, so that makes him boss of bosses of the city)

I'm assuming that also means he knows Sieg's whereabouts all along (and has sent briefing on how little to say when the meeting takes place) but uses Rini so there is a 'public' way he was discovered.

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