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The Strain - Anyone watching ? Who are the 'Good' hooded vamps ?

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Tillyboo Thu 04-Dec-14 00:46:41

I know it's a bit B movie but I'm quite enjoying it ..

Who are the vamp vigilante lot ? Are they really good (dead) guys ??

getdownshep Thu 04-Dec-14 20:38:48

We all love the strain here.
Im not sure about vigilanty hoodies as they rescued the nanny and children from the lawyers house, but then executed her daughter to stop her turning.
I love the rat catcher actorgrin
We just hope they make another series as there are so many different threads to tie up.

thenightsky Thu 04-Dec-14 20:43:11

I read the trilogy of books a few years ago. Was really pleased to see it was going to be televised. I've seen most of the episodes now (downloaded) and it seems to be sticking pretty faithfully to the books.

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