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Hassled Wed 03-Dec-14 20:18:45

...before the previous thread here rolls off a cliff.

Someone wanted a character list. I have, with a bit of help from Wiki, come up with:
The Mighty Carrie
Quinn aka Woopert. Most of us definitely would, despite the resemblance to a ferret.
Lockhart - once hated, now we have some grudging respect.
Saul - all that is right and good in the world, with a passing resemblance to Life of Brian man who hasn't spoken in years.
Dar Adul aka Salieri - what's happened to him?
Fara - once an IT fraud geek, now an intrepid hands-on agent who doesn't keep enough of an eye on her bin bags.
Martha, the nice ambassador
Denis, her nefarious husband
John, second in command at CIA Lahore HQ, we're warming to him
Aayan aka Pi, now sailing the heavenly oceans with a tiger
Sandy, former CIA chief, now pushing up the daisies
Aasar Khan, aka Raza, aka Hot Spooks Guy
Bunran Latif, the General, aka Art Malik
Haqqani, the craggy Taliban leader who prefers to shag next to a bearded man chained to a radiator
Tasleen, aka one of the Kardashians.

Have I missed anyone?

chicaguapa Wed 03-Dec-14 20:22:50

You forgot Zaf. I've never referred to him as Hot Spooks Guy. Even though he is. wink

lisbapalea Wed 03-Dec-14 20:24:46

And maybe the techy cia bloke who works for Carrie and looks like chandler (catchy nickname). Although his role doesn't ever seem to be pivotal.

Hassled Wed 03-Dec-14 20:30:15

Zaf! Of course!
And yes, Chandler and Virgil.

YonicScrewdriver Wed 03-Dec-14 20:38:42

And where the hell is Virgil this series?

(Chandler-alike is actually max, I think. But chandler works)

YonicScrewdriver Wed 03-Dec-14 20:39:04

Great OP though!

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Wed 03-Dec-14 20:54:22

Signing in, loved last UK episode.

Cocolepew Wed 03-Dec-14 20:57:34


CoolCadbury Wed 03-Dec-14 21:58:49

Woo-hoo. Great summary of characters grin

HalleLouja Wed 03-Dec-14 23:32:26

Zaf is just gorgeous.
I know I keep saying it but I can't help it.

We have now caught up. Poor Saul.

HalleLouja Wed 03-Dec-14 23:32:49

Max is definitely Chandler.

Roonerspism Wed 03-Dec-14 23:37:17

Signing in. Loving this series.

<similar crush on Zaf>

Seriouslyffs Wed 03-Dec-14 23:46:16

Best thing on TV at the moment.
Virgil doesn't really travel. I can't picture him outside Virginia.
Is this the place for foil hatted conjecture?
Has the 'is Brody really dead' convo died a death? I think he could well reappear, maybe not this series, but they managed to film the psychotic scene without it leaking. Or maybe they filmed various explanations and teaser sequenced before DL left.
I thought it wouldn't be as good without him, but this series has been fantastic so far.

Howaboutthisone Thu 04-Dec-14 00:04:41

Great op!grin

I agree I had no clue where they could take it after brody's demise but this series is great!

Fiderer Thu 04-Dec-14 06:19:48

Signing in. Good work Agent Hassled grin

Dar Salieri was shady black ops wasn't he? And when Quinn arrived at the time they were (re-)turning Brody he was Dar's eyes on the operation and Carrie and Saul were suspicious of him. Just remembered - he stabbed Brody though the hand shock when they first brought him in.

Now he's become our Woopert.

Fiderer Thu 04-Dec-14 06:21:50

Looked better with longer hair.

ihatethecold Thu 04-Dec-14 06:26:25

No idea what that emoticon is but I need to make my place.

Ledkr Thu 04-Dec-14 07:32:35

Joining you.
The credits after the Brodie psychotic episode said "guest appearance" which doesn't make me think he wil be back.

Cocolepew Thu 04-Dec-14 07:42:13

I knew he would be back, Brody that is. Only because he was seen on the set during filming. I think that appearance was all we will be seeing off him though.

guineapiglet Thu 04-Dec-14 08:23:47

Hi all! Liking the new thread. Have to say I am a fan of Quinn with short cropped military hair.. I loved it when he took control last week!

Just to add to list of characters:
Carries sister (name?blush)
Carrie and Bodies daughter ( name?blushblush
Carries dad (ditto Mr Mattheson I presume)
Back home in US


deadwitchproject Thu 04-Dec-14 08:36:54

great summary Hassled!

Carrie's brody baby is Franny/ie. Carrie's dad is "away" but in RL the actor died.

HalleLouja Thu 04-Dec-14 09:29:40

We also had Dana's Creek last season. Though that god she has now left.

HalleLouja Thu 04-Dec-14 09:31:05

Thank god or Allah.

SecretSquirrels Thu 04-Dec-14 09:36:39

Goop OP hassled I didn't know the ambassador's husband was called Denis. In my head he is Paul from Desperate Housewives.
And for Zaf lovers....

Lagoonablue Thu 04-Dec-14 10:52:54

Just marking place

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