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Has anyone seen 'toast of London' and got it?

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JazzAnnNonMouse Fri 28-Nov-14 23:11:49

Or even understood what the bloody fuck is going on????!!!

MrsCosmopilite Fri 28-Nov-14 23:13:47


Watched 5 mins of the first episode and was totally nonplussed. It came on last week and DH looked up from his phone and said, "Josh Homme's going to be in this" so I sat through the whole dismal half hour. No Josh.
Complained to DH who had a fit of hysterical laughter and said, "Not this episode, the last one of the series". Now I'm going to have to watch it again.

JazzAnnNonMouse Fri 28-Nov-14 23:15:03

I don't know who he is...

Wtaf am I watching?!

ShatnersBassoon Fri 28-Nov-14 23:15:55

This series hasn't really done it for me, but the first series was funny.

mmmuffins Fri 28-Nov-14 23:16:57

I find it very funny, so I suppose I must get it!

Ray bloody Purchase...grin

JazzAnnNonMouse Fri 28-Nov-14 23:17:31

What kind of humour is it?!

MymbleBaratheonBendsTheKnee Fri 28-Nov-14 23:19:29

Toast is funny. It is a bit weird. But then I love Matt Berry/Arthur Mathews. Is Josh Homme really going to be in it?!

SnowSpot Fri 28-Nov-14 23:20:27

Is that you Clem Fandango?

Yep, totally get it.
(But the first series was much better.)

JazzAnnNonMouse Fri 28-Nov-14 23:21:24

I'm kind of compelled to watch it and want to watch more but I've no idea why grin

ScrambledSmegs Fri 28-Nov-14 23:21:29

I really like it. It's a bit too cringe-comedy for me sometimes, but I still love it.

I read an interview with Matt Berry where he said that he's met loads of Stephen Toasts - the middle aged actor who never made it big but seems mostly happy, until you mention Ian McShane (for example) and then an entire careers worth of pent-up vitriol and bitterness spews forth.

The names alone are fantastic. Clem Fandango makes me smile every week.

Mmmfishandchips Fri 28-Nov-14 23:22:10

Love it, it's silly really.

itsbetterthanabox Fri 28-Nov-14 23:22:57

I like it. I love Matt berry in the IT crowd and this is funny too.
Yes I hear you Clem fandango

WoweeZowee Fri 28-Nov-14 23:26:19

I think Josh Homme is in the last ep of this series (as Toast's love rival). grin

dexter73 Fri 28-Nov-14 23:28:30

I love it too!

MrsCosmopilite Sat 29-Nov-14 10:04:46

Yes, Wowee - that's what I was told.
Jazz - Josh Homme is a rock god!

dorothyparka Sat 29-Nov-14 10:10:03

Love it!

CaffeLatteIceCream Sat 29-Nov-14 10:26:05

What is there not to get?

It's a comedy about a shite, pretentious actor.

Either it makes you laugh or it doesn't. It's not a lecture about quantum mechanics.

GoEasyPudding Sat 29-Nov-14 10:40:20

Why has Mr Wickham got one Marigold hand?

MyOneandYoni Sat 29-Nov-14 10:44:24

Love it.

Benedict who?

Groovester Sat 29-Nov-14 10:45:01

Makes both my husband and I howl with laughter every week. Very funny. Matt Berry is brilliant.
Ray Bloody Purchase
Yes I can hear you Clem Fandango.
My balls are fizzing.


Preciousbane Sat 29-Nov-14 10:48:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RiffyWammal Sat 29-Nov-14 11:02:57

Me and DH love it too. I don't understand what's not to get? It's hilarious and silly. Matt Berry is amazing in everything, the IT Crowd, House of Fools, this...I didn't know Josh Homme was going to be in it! That's something to look forward to but I wish it was Dave Grohl

I love little things like his brother wearing a rubber glove, John Nettles the poacher and Clem Fandango. There was a patient on 24 Hours in A&E this week who reminded me of him. Mrs Purchase is fabulous, I loved the time he met her in the bed shop and how she's always smoking grin and Doon whatsit is great as Jane Plough (pronounced Pluff).

I think there are some in-jokes that go over my head but I don't mind. This week I think Basil Jet was a pun on the Bazalgette family for instance.

Hello this is Clem Fandango can you hear me?

AmIthatHot Sat 29-Nov-14 13:56:37

I love matt berry, so may have to watch this.

Will have to google josh home, though. No idea who he is

JazzAnnNonMouse Sat 29-Nov-14 14:51:08

Maybe it's the fact that I don't believe the characters so don't get them?

It's boardering on mighty boosh type comedy for me - too wtf.

It reminds me of that series where the guy thought his dog could talk and it was a man dressed up as a dog or something...

itsbetterthanabox Sat 29-Nov-14 15:24:43

The characters aren't meant to be believable it's a surreal comedy. Yes similar to the mighty boosh in some ways.

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