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Jennifer Aniston on Graham Norton

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ILikeToClean Fri 21-Nov-14 22:52:55

I love her but she looks really odd hmm

AnythingNotEverything Fri 21-Nov-14 22:53:55

Her face is too smooth.

EachandEveryone Fri 21-Nov-14 22:54:14

Oh I'm not watching I'm recording. Work done?

HalfATankini Fri 21-Nov-14 22:54:26

Totally agree. Her mouth looks almost trout-pout-esque

MintChocAddict Fri 21-Nov-14 22:56:24

Something about her mouth. It doesn't appear to have much movement. Have seen her interviewed before though and noticed it then too.

ILikeToClean Fri 21-Nov-14 22:56:24

Yes - cheek fillers? Is there such a thing? Her hair and body are great but her face looks weird.

Samcro Fri 21-Nov-14 22:58:17

i am feeling sorry for olly

ThursdayLast Fri 21-Nov-14 23:08:59

I thought fillers. Probs in the cheeks??

Dustin Hoffman has ruined it for me. What a bore

BaconAndAvocado Fri 21-Nov-14 23:09:27

Aaaaand she is dating my boyfriend in another life the gorgeous actor from the Leftovers.

Sidge Fri 21-Nov-14 23:10:41

She's lovely and seems good fun but her top lip doesn't move.

Over botoxed?

Poor Olly seems a bit left out.

Ujjayi Fri 21-Nov-14 23:10:43

Definitely lip fillers. I think she is also a bit pissed. She's doing that concentrating too hard thing that people do when trying to act sober.

ThursdayLast Fri 21-Nov-14 23:11:04

I've read that Hollywood types make the choice between body or face.
Exercise - skinny face - aging
Less exercise -plumper face-less aging but worse body.

I reckon she chose body, then filled out face

ILikeToClean Fri 21-Nov-14 23:16:26

Ujjayi I wondered if she was a bit pissed! Eyes look puffy too. She's very sweet though.

Ujjayi Fri 21-Nov-14 23:20:10

Yes she does seem to be very sweet & genuine.

It certainly doesn't resemble Cameron Diaz's drunk & rambling performance on GN.

Showy Fri 21-Nov-14 23:20:11

I like her. Don't really give a monkey's flying left testicle what she looks like.

I think Graham gets them all drunk before the show even starts. grin

ushiemama Fri 21-Nov-14 23:25:53

Must agree she looks "different" & Dame Judy trying to look trendy in black leather looked bloody ridiculous.

AnneEyhtMeyer Fri 21-Nov-14 23:27:10

Her face reminds me of when they put a real moving mouth on a picture. It looks so wrong, her top lip doesn't move at all, and the bottom lip is over-compensating.

MrsCosmopilite Fri 21-Nov-14 23:30:51

She's about the same age as me and doesn't have the "armpit overhang" thing I get when I wear a strapless dress. Why is that?

I want to go and get drunk with Graham Norton.

EachandEveryone Fri 21-Nov-14 23:32:41

Blooming heck it changed schedule I only got last 15 minutes

Notnowbernard Fri 21-Nov-14 23:32:54

I'm not a fan of Olly but he hasn't changed since his X factor audition days, has he?

JA 'on' IMO - not genuine at all

Sidge Fri 21-Nov-14 23:34:19

I think you're right Showy!

Who was it they had on a few weeks ago who commented on all the booze? Said "this ain't water!" pointing at the tumblers grin

Behoove Fri 21-Nov-14 23:39:38

I think Dame Judy rocked her leather jacket, good on her.
Jennifer Aniston looks amazing but yes her top lip area was strange.

Like Ally Olly, but what's with the elasticated back trousers hmm

Ohmygrood Fri 21-Nov-14 23:39:57

She just looks like a woman in her 40's to me.

Behoove Fri 21-Nov-14 23:40:35

Oops! supposed to be confused

JRoo Fri 21-Nov-14 23:41:04

I wish we could chat about what she said and not how she looked.

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