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Casualty RIP Rebekah

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Wolfiefan Sat 15-Nov-14 23:32:35

Watching Casualty I noticed they dedicated the episode to Rebekah Gibbs.
I was stunned to learn she had died. So young. Thinking of her family and friends. xx

zukiecat Sat 15-Nov-14 23:47:37

I was shocked and saddened by this too, I read her book a few years ago and have been following her story ever since.

Rebekah was given the all-clear in April 2013, only for it to return in her brain in August of that year, so sad sad

RIP Rebekahthanks

Wolfiefan Sun 16-Nov-14 00:19:39

Bloody cancer.
It's just so unfair.
I remember her character on casualty. She was so feisty.

chocolatespiders Sun 16-Nov-14 00:23:48

So very young.. I loved her in casualty... Always thought how pretty she was. didn't watch tonight but will catch up with it.
She wrote a column in a paper while she was poorly, mirror I think.

Wolfiefan Sun 16-Nov-14 00:26:52

I didn't see her column. She was very pretty.
I just can't imagine having that diagnosis with such a young baby.

chocolatespiders Sun 16-Nov-14 00:31:04

I know its awful... think I read while she was pregnant she discovered a lump in her breast and was sad that she could not breast feed.
I know Daily mail is not allowed but if you google her name there is an article on there with some gorgeous pictures of her and her baby girl.

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