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Anyone know when Broadchurch second series starts?

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Thestandingjokeoftheyear Mon 10-Nov-14 21:05:52

For some reason I thought it was tonight!
Does anyone know?

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Mon 10-Nov-14 21:09:16

I think you may have done the same as me - a trailer for a series about Broadmoor has been showing. I'd been listening with half an ear and assumed it was Broadchurch Series 2

Thestandingjokeoftheyear Mon 10-Nov-14 21:11:35

Ah, you might be right!
They're also repeating the first series on itv encore tonight which I've just discovered by flicking through the channels.
Boo. DH and I were all excited!

ThinkIveBeenHacked Thu 13-Nov-14 07:50:08

Wiki seems to suggest Jan/Feb time.

They are replaying Broadchurch Series One before christmas so it may have been that which confused you?

Iwantacampervan Mon 17-Nov-14 12:36:17

I've seen a short trailer - January 2015.

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