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Our Girl and Captain James Discussion Thread Vol III

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icemist Thu 06-Nov-14 21:05:38

and another new shiny thread grin

icemist Thu 06-Nov-14 21:07:15

Richtea as its a closed group no-one should see if you post in it.

Richtea19 Thu 06-Nov-14 21:09:49

Thanks for the link and for info re closed group, guess it said what it was in the title! Durr.
Now back to Klipdoctor, it's SO good!

ihearttc Thu 06-Nov-14 21:09:58

Yay!! Third thread :-)

whispers...I've joined FB but prefer our OG community on here.

Richtea19 Thu 06-Nov-14 21:11:37


firegirl Thu 06-Nov-14 21:14:01

icemist Thank you! Was getting a bit worried there re starting a new thread. Never done it myself didn't want to attempt it and mess it up for all of us.
Have noticed TG has favourited lots of tweets asking for a second series, does anyone think that means anything? (Although not sure how I feel about that really)

icemist Thu 06-Nov-14 21:16:11

yes prefer here too, but all good to share the BA/CJ love

snumpy Thu 06-Nov-14 21:24:47

I love the fact we've made it to a third thread. Off to read Klipdoctor's new chapter now.

icemist Thu 06-Nov-14 21:27:41

i know Snumpy, not bad considering the first few posts were about how rubbish it was!!

Smurfingreat Thu 06-Nov-14 21:38:48

Oh bollox, now I need to work out how to use twitter. I've tried, but it's confusing the life out of my 36 year old and really should be able to work this out me.

After the failures with connecting in RL with everyone I tried, I thought I would try the wider world of my FB friends. The ideal opportunity presented itself last night when some cockwomble decided to ruin my sleep setting off fireworks in the middle of the night. Lots of responses about what a great word it was and an amazing one about seeing Uncle Bulgaria in a whole new light, but still no recognition. <hmmpfff>.

icemist Thu 06-Nov-14 21:49:28

I've given up on anyone in RL with this. Although hubby has a little knowledge. He never watched the series with me but did watch the tv movie. I caught a bit of it on you tube today and it reminded me how far Molly has come. From the tv movie you would never have thought she'd end up being a successful medic and falling in love.

BA's Carling ad is being shared a lot grin

MumOfTheMoos Thu 06-Nov-14 21:58:09

Am in two minds over whether to join the Facebook group - for those who already have am I missing anything?

icemist Thu 06-Nov-14 22:06:41

Nothing really, I was curious more than anything. Doing same things we have.
And a campaign to get series 2

I like to jnow we're not the only ones obsessing

Ilovelblue Thu 06-Nov-14 22:07:23

I tried engaging my physiotherapist on the subject today with a casual dropping into conversation but just received a shake of the head. I just don't know where these people are! Do they never go out into the real world? Was it an average of 5 million viewers overall? I know of three. One said it was ok, another watched it all the way through but never really commented and the third, although she did watch it and raved about CJ, thought I was mad when I tried to go into more detail and told me I was a saddo! I ask you!!

Smurfingreat Thu 06-Nov-14 22:08:29

Never met anyone in RL who has even bloody heard of it..

MumOfTheMoos Thu 06-Nov-14 22:16:04

I think they might all be younger than us (says the woman careering full tilt towards her mid forties)....

NappyValleyMum Thu 06-Nov-14 22:23:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

klj78 Thu 06-Nov-14 22:34:58

It's called "Our Girl Anonymous". Type that into the Fb search and it will come up.

Ilovelblue Thu 06-Nov-14 22:41:17

klj - I know I must be stupid but I've found the FB site but how do I join it?

SPOfficer Thu 06-Nov-14 22:47:07

Evening all! Thank you icemist for setting up the new thread. Wonder how long it will take us to fill this one up. Great new chapter of the Captains Log and I love the new story as well!

I am having the same experience as many of you in terms of finding RL OG obsessives fans. My FIL did watch the whole series and we did in fact watch a couple of episodes together. However, when I tried to talk to him about Ep 5 the week after he couldn't remember what had happened! When I prompted him he did say ' oh yes, bit of a surprise that soldier died, thought the officer was going to kop it. Yeah was alright wasn't it?'

I wanted to shout ' alright, .....alright! Are you insane? It was bloody brilliant!' But I didn't of course, instead I just said 'Yeah it was alright'.angry

klj78 Thu 06-Nov-14 22:50:28

Ilovelblue at the top of the page there is a cover photo of CJ and Molly, on that photo there is a box that says "join group", click on that and it will show as pending. An admin from the group will then accept your request.

orphan Thu 06-Nov-14 23:03:33

Just came back home and yay, vol lll! Please don't desert this support group for the Facebook one, cos I'm not on Facebook and would go into a serious decline if you all left!

snumpy Thu 06-Nov-14 23:07:05

Just finished reading Klipdoctor's new chapter and story. Love them, especially the new story. I hope they update the story about Molly coming home.

Ilovelblue Thu 06-Nov-14 23:14:20

Ah, it looks as if anyone could see I was in that group but wouldn't be able to see anything I post. Not sure if I want to admit to my FB friends how obsessed I am - they reckon I've lost my grip anyway! I think I may chicken out, Thanks anyway!

orphan Thu 06-Nov-14 23:16:41

I think I loved the new story even more than the Captain's Log. I really hope Klipdoctor continues it.

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