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Has Modern Family lost it's way?

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Onedropoflove Sat 01-Nov-14 21:51:03

I'm just watching the first episode on Sky. Haven't laughed once. It's the same jokes rehashed. Such a shame as I thought it was brilliant family viewing.

AnathemaIsANiceNameForAGirl Sun 02-Nov-14 13:46:16

I thought the last season (season 5?) was weak. I binge-watched it all over a few weeks so the decline in quality was quite apparent. Think seasons 2 and 3 were the strongest.

I'll still watch though, it's a "comfy" programme for me grin and I still think Phil is hilarious.

susiedaisy Sun 02-Nov-14 16:33:50

Had a new series started on sky?

EachandEveryone Sun 02-Nov-14 17:38:40

If you go into the what's coming bit the first episode is on there. I think it starts officially next week

susiedaisy Sun 02-Nov-14 18:36:52


NoMontagues Mon 03-Nov-14 13:02:10

I recently watched one where they all went to Australia and it was totally shite. Nothing funny happened and the characters all seemed to have been turned into one dimensional charicatures (sp?). Such a shame as it used to be great.

Northumberlandlass Mon 03-Nov-14 13:03:34

The Australia one wasn't the best, but I freely admit to laughing & bawling my way through Mitch & Cam's wedding ones.
I still love it.
Starts tonight on Sky1

EachandEveryone Mon 03-Nov-14 14:06:58

Hope your not disappointed. Phils magician act is just tedious.

EachandEveryone Mon 03-Nov-14 14:07:17

And they all look like they've had work done

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