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Stealthpolarbear Sat 01-Nov-14 21:45:21

I found Game On quite amusing back in the 90s. I had forgotten all about it but then heard the theme tune and bought it on DVD as it's cheap. The 90s really don't seem that long ago but when I watch this I can see where every second of the 15 -20 years has gone. It's still entertaining but... The humour is old fashioned. There are rape and child abuse jokes shock. The whole thing just seems like watching the good life as a child - back to another era.
On the positive side I do find it fun watching a program about young flat sharing adults who don't have mobile phones. They only have 4 tv channels! And the background music is excellent!
Anything else that it feels like was only on yesterday until you see it again? The early episodes of friends are like that, they're almost 80s, but that did run for ten years so you'd expect some changes.

Stealthpolarbear Sat 01-Nov-14 21:53:27

Anyon else remember game on? It's one of those things you might only remember when you google! It had Samantha Janus in

Skelacia Sat 01-Nov-14 22:11:12

Oh I loved Game On. I preferred Neil Stuke as Matthew, Ben Chaplin was too pretty to be such a loser <shallow> DH worked with a cousin of Samantha Janus Womack, I thought around the time it was on but looking at the dates it must have been a couple of years after it finished! I might leave it at remembering it fondly though if it's not aged well!

Stealthpolarbear Sat 01-Nov-14 22:27:44

I consider myself to have a fairly unsophisticated sense of humour but it was basic even for me smile I think we've come to expect more.
Oh and did I mention racist? (Though I think that was the joke) and I've only seen series one so far!

Stealthpolarbear Sat 01-Nov-14 22:30:30

I think all in all their handling of matt's mental illness was good though. Realistic as they were all in

Stealthpolarbear Sat 01-Nov-14 22:34:07

Their early 20s and it was completely outside their experience (his included).

Stealthpolarbear Sat 01-Nov-14 22:47:30

Men behaving badly was probably only a fee years earlier but genuinely seems like a very long time ago.

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