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Our Girl and Captain James Discussion Thread...

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ihearttc Tue 28-Oct-14 18:28:04

A new thread for all things Our Girl as we have already filled up another thread discussing everything to do with the show.

ihearttc Tue 28-Oct-14 18:30:33

And to start us off...

creme egg yay someone else gets what I mean in that scene.

Its almost like its completely unscripted and very real...which is probably why I like it so much. I thought I was going a bit bonkers cause I couldn't explain what I meant but Im so glad that you get it. That "whats funny?" seems very different to the other times but it maybe because Im reading far too much into it.

jcscot Tue 28-Oct-14 18:49:07

It is possible (but unlikely, I think) that the platoon/section might not know he was married however they probably would be unaware if there was difficulty in the marriage. My husband would have a vague idea of who was married/unmarried under his command but unlikely to know specifics like names of wives etc. The smaller the unit, the more likely he is to know details.

It would be fairly common on ops to have vague discussions about family circumstances but it depends on how private any given individual wants to be. Generally speaking, it would be more common for the superior rank to know the marital status of those beneath them (thanks to P-files and the S&S list) than the other way around.

Also, if Captain James had been parachuted in to plug a manning gap (speculation as he said he had "volunteered" in order to let his ex-wife sort things out - presumably moving out of MQs, etc etc) then he might not be as familiar with his platoon and their personal circumstances (nor they with his). NOK might not have been changed, hence the sending of his belongings to his ex-wife, although he would have ammended his marital status on JPA.

lyndie Tue 28-Oct-14 18:53:21

Found you!

Rhubarb01 Tue 28-Oct-14 18:58:30

Having been commanding officer for Smurf's brother on a previous tour (How likely is that?), Smurf at least might have known about the Captain's marital status. I agree its unlikely that anyone would know anything about the impending divorce. I suppose I'm still left wondering why he hadn't perhaps vaguely mentioned it at some point in general discussion but then that would of course ruined the dramatic twist.

Rhubarb01 Tue 28-Oct-14 19:01:43

For clarity, I meant to say, why Smurf hadn't mentioned the Captain's marital status.

lyndie Tue 28-Oct-14 19:03:14

Smurf didn't have even an inkling about CJ and Molly until the end of episode 4.

ihearttc Tue 28-Oct-14 19:03:15

I was trying to do a link to the video that I shared on the last thread because I think its one of the best videos on youtube but it hasn't had as many views as other ones but for some bizarre reason it won't let me share it again.

If anyone else can do then please do cause I think some of the newbies might not have seen it.

Its called James and Molly-I don't want to change you by Damien Rice on Youtube.

BrodiesBabe Tue 28-Oct-14 19:03:19

Phew! Found you! I'd only used the search thing before to find threads. This one isn't showing up on it at the moment from what I can tell so I found you another way.

I had no idea threads just ended at 1000 posts. Would never have posted meaningless drivel at the end if I'd known that. Sorry. blush

ihearttc Tue 28-Oct-14 19:04:29

Oh I think he did have an idea about them way before that.

Im sure he wondered if they liked each other when they were singing can see the look he gives them.

PassTheCremeEggs Tue 28-Oct-14 19:08:04

here's the video

BrodiesBabe Tue 28-Oct-14 19:08:28

I think Smurf did realise CJ and Molly had feelings for each other, but just couldn't bear to admit it to himself. But then when he asked for advice about proposing to Molly, he did seem completely clueless that that may cause any sort of issue for CJ. Basically, there are inconsistencies in the writing, but I don't care. Not a jot. grin

WHAJEB1 Tue 28-Oct-14 19:11:12

In the scripts does it not say that smurf was aware/jealous of their closeness after the she had attended to the injured Taliban and when they were signing their duet on episode 2? Prob wrong wink

Rhubarb01 Tue 28-Oct-14 19:11:34

When I referred to Smurf not mentioning anything about the CJ's wife, I really only imagined him saying something in total innocence, not because he wanted to put Molly on her guard. I don't think he imagined that there was anything going on between them and certainly didn't because CJ was married. I think he might have been envious of the compliments that CJ paid her and realised that he liked her as a member of their section in contrast to the early part of episode 1, but not romantically. I think if he'd suspected any romance between CJ and Molly he would have dropped the married information in like a shot to try to scupper things.

jcscot Tue 28-Oct-14 19:15:55

It wouldn't be unusual to serve under the same OC as a sibling (assuming you join the same regiment - more unlikely if you were in a different capbadge) but probably not at the same time.

BrodiesBabe Tue 28-Oct-14 19:17:27

That is the most gorgeous vid, PasstheCremeEggs, I could watch it all day.

I still think Smurf just couldn't admit to himself what he knew to be true. He blotted it out so much that he didn't was in total denial, so much so that he went in and asked CJ for advice on how to propose to the girl the man standing in front of him was in love with.

MumOfTheMoos Tue 28-Oct-14 19:28:24

That video is lovely; I seriously don't think I've been this into a drama (and it's leading man) since the movie Maurice when I was about 16 - a long, long time ago!

lyndie Tue 28-Oct-14 19:30:48

I've not read the scripts yet but my interpretation was that when they were singing the duet that was the point when Smurf fell for Molly. He has got a goofy lovesick teenager expression on him!

Bellini12 Tue 28-Oct-14 19:38:00

A couple of small questions...

You know in ep 1 when they are lining up for the photo and Molly looks across at CJ? What do you think was going through their minds? Are they checking each other out or is it a cross look he's giving her as he's just reprimanded her?

Also, when Molly returns from R&R and she's in the tent with CJ, what does the other private (out of shot) shout out about Newport (which gives him the hump). I can't hear it properly despite watching it a few times!

WHAJEB1 Tue 28-Oct-14 19:41:16

Think it way 'hey molly you went to Newport and you weren't even a hostage' - I watched it with subtitles!

BrodiesBabe Tue 28-Oct-14 19:41:25

I think at that stage he just registers her as someone who is standing out, which would bug him. I'm sure he saw she was attractive and that probably annoyed him at that stage because he wouldn't want that to interfere with his job. She has certainly sparked his curiosity but at that stage I'm sure he's still trying to suppress any stirrings (ahem). He would resent her power to affect him and I think that's clear in the first episode until she sledgehammers her way to his respect and admiration.

I think the private does make some comment about Smurf and her getting up to something in Newport and CJ is instantly jealous.

icemist Tue 28-Oct-14 19:50:15

In the script it says " Molly is smiling as she watches James. He winks at her. Smurf is trying to smile but clearly jealous at their closeness. Molly can't take her eyes off James"

I think he's jealous as Molly is now the favourite not only with the section but Capt James too.

I really enjoy reading the scripts. Seeing the little looks etc are- that I'm just not imagining it

icemist Tue 28-Oct-14 20:02:06

Jealous CJ has some lovely scenes. He was already feeling it as the rest of 2 section were joking about Smurf and Molly. Molly had kind of reassured him but Then when Kinders asked about going to Newport it set him off again. He deliberately avoids her too

mandy214 Tue 28-Oct-14 20:27:36

Medics tent - the comment is 'you went to Newport and you weren't a hostage?'

The script and the programme are at odds in a couple of places given that I know most of it off by heart now. I said on the other thread that when Molly goes back into the tent after shes saved Smurf and they're singing she's one of the lads, she calls them 'cockwombles' - thats different to the script. Also someone says above that you hear Capt James say 'you're nearly there' but I think he actually says 'we're nearly there'. It does say 'you're nearly there' in the script though.

ihearttc Tue 28-Oct-14 20:35:12

I've read some of the scripts but not all of them as I wasn't sure if it would ruin it for me... Might have to read them all now.

Smurf also saw the look Molly gave CJ when he was working out-he definitely knew she was getting feelings for him.

I love the CJ being jealous scenes. His face when he hears that they went to Newport says it all.

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