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Noel Fielding is lovely. Discuss...

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mrspremise Mon 20-Oct-14 22:19:45

mrspremise Mon 20-Oct-14 22:20:59

Just that, really. DH thinks I'm insane, tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that he is just, mum mm...

LEMmingaround Mon 20-Oct-14 22:21:05

He is yes and really funny and charismatic in chat shows. His comedy shows are bobbins though

MonstersBalls Mon 20-Oct-14 22:34:10

The Mighty Boosh is one of the greatest comedy shows ever made! Wash your mouth out Lemming. shock

Millie3030 Mon 20-Oct-14 22:35:51

Not for me at all, he actually gives me the heebee jibees.....

Bluestocking Mon 20-Oct-14 22:37:16

He is v funny in chat shows, and was great in The Mighty Boosh, but his solo comedy is substandard. Would love a new series of the Boosh though!

Fruityb Mon 20-Oct-14 22:38:17

He's jam hot.

JeanSeberg Mon 20-Oct-14 22:39:25

Just for you mrs p.

MrsMinton Mon 20-Oct-14 22:39:33

totally mum mm

Scarletohello Mon 20-Oct-14 22:40:21

Would rather shag Russell Brand tbh

Fairylea Mon 20-Oct-14 22:42:08

Can't stand the man.. sorry! But each to their own smile

vestandknickers Mon 20-Oct-14 22:42:10

Ugh. He's creepy. And not funny.

TheSpottedZebra Mon 20-Oct-14 22:43:56

I have a friend who in some lights, looks utterly like him. But she's female.
In other lights she looks like Kat from Eastenders.

Bluestocking Mon 20-Oct-14 22:44:53

I know a woman who looks like NF! Where is your lookylikey, Zebra?

TheSpottedZebra Mon 20-Oct-14 22:46:36

East London, innit?

TheSpottedZebra Mon 20-Oct-14 22:50:26

Where is your NFalikey?

AppleYumYum Tue 21-Oct-14 02:48:30

I'm afraid I find him creepy too, he makes me laugh on panels/chat shows he appears in but he's just too feminine and made up for me.

jinglebitch Tue 21-Oct-14 02:57:27

I have been acquainted with him in the past (not like 'that') and he was the loveliest,sweetest,kindest (he shared his chips) boy...although that was pre 'big' fame, so it may have all gone to his head. Bit short though.Julian ' I am a freelance scientist' Barrett though....(again, back in the day- he's not aged so well) Fit As.

AnyFucker Tue 21-Oct-14 04:55:08

Doesn't he or didn't he have a really young girlfriend ?

JeanSeberg Tue 21-Oct-14 06:48:09

I think he was rumoured to be seeing Pixie Geldof at one point.

His girlfriend is Liana Bird off of XFM.

Pickledradish Tue 21-Oct-14 07:47:38

Well I like him for his creativity, humour, talent and his own unique style.

Such a breath of fresh air compared to the "designer label" reality show wannabe types, with the same agents, stylists and PR people behind them, that telly is full of these days.

jellyandbeans Tue 21-Oct-14 07:56:13

I think he is lovely and im old enough to be his mum! Lol nice eyes. Not keen on his comedy, but when he is being interviewed he comes across as very sweet and unstarry. Liked him on buzzcocks show.

RunsWithScissors Tue 21-Oct-14 07:57:35

Walking round London one day DH and I saw him on top of an open top double decker. I tried to be as subtle as possible to let DH know he was there. We failed miserably. We both waved to him. He smiled a huge smile and waved back. This was around 10yrs ago.

MrsStevenPatrickMorrissey Thu 23-Oct-14 12:49:00

Ohhhh yessss please, I love him too OP, there's just something so attractive about him, I even fancied him as Richmond in the IT crowd, I'd happily live in the cupboard with him :-)

thejellyfox Fri 24-Oct-14 14:03:19

I love a bit of Noel...he seems really sweet, he has the nicest eyes ever.
I'd give Julian one as well though.

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