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Anyone watching Forever?

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dollybird Fri 17-Oct-14 23:16:34

have watched the first two episodes and loving it

Tigresswoods Sat 18-Oct-14 06:55:58

Yes. Loving the Abe relationship which gives it a nice dynamic. We keep saying it's very like Elementary, main character just "knows" EVERYTHING!

Anyway its potential tosh but very watchable.

I've given up on The Blacklist as that's just annoying now.

starsandunicorns Sat 18-Oct-14 09:47:39

Same its brill I thought it was
Like elementary too so want to know who the other one that is like him is vamprire maybe or is that because I'm watching the The strain

dollybird Sat 18-Oct-14 14:26:17

I haven't seen elementary - may have to go and find that now! It reminds me of The Time Travellers Wife which I have recently read, but I think only because he's called Henry and appears naked when he re-surfaces. Agree re The Blacklist - too confusing!

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed Sat 18-Oct-14 14:30:40

I'm watching it too, really enjoying it, although it is ridiculous grin

I haven't seen Elementary - is it similar?

starsandunicorns Sat 18-Oct-14 14:35:01

Its usa verison of sherlock very good

Titsalinabumsquash Sat 18-Oct-14 14:36:37

I love this show! smile

There's been some real stinkers starting lately but I always look forward to an episode with Henry, he's awfully charming. grin

DustBunnyFarmer Sat 18-Oct-14 17:29:25

Also watching and enjoying (for now). I'm curious to see if the format starts to run out of steam. There's only so many times he can pop his clogs before it gets boring. It was interesting that he didn't die this week, for a change.

Highway65 Tue 04-Nov-14 12:10:38

I'm watching Forever and loving it too! Very easy to watch and Ioan Gruffudd is VERY easy on the eye wink

He reminds me a little of Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock, but smoother round the edges grin

dollybird Wed 22-Jul-15 18:41:36

I still can't believe they cancelled this show!

yumyumpoppycat Sat 25-Jul-15 00:22:55

Maybe Netflix could pick it up! I quite liked it too, there are def much worse series out there.

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