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Corrie thread - still no sign of Cilla or Fat Brenda but Kim Tate on the horizon

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AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 13-Oct-14 17:13:16

Here we are again - a brand new thread for more Corrie ramblings.

Can't believe Cilla still hadn't turned up by the end of the last thread.

Still hoping for an enormous cast-cull. Hoping for a bomb / gas explosion / serial killer / all of the previous.

mymummademelistentoshitmusic Mon 13-Oct-14 17:23:23

Kim Tate? Do tell.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 13-Oct-14 17:31:30

The woman who played Kim Tate in Emmerdale Farm (Claire King) is joining Corrie soon, mymum.

mymummademelistentoshitmusic Mon 13-Oct-14 17:37:49

Oh that should be good. Any idea on the character?

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 13-Oct-14 17:43:00

Supposedly she's a friend of Liz.

My favourite Kim Tate moment was when she checked to make sure Frank wasn't still breathing with her mirror and then used it to touch up her make up.

ilovechristmas1 Mon 13-Oct-14 17:52:03

thanks for starting new thread

Camolips Mon 13-Oct-14 18:10:02

Just signing in. Realised I was Kimaroo when the other thread started. Will try and keep the same name for the next 1000 posts!

thenightsky Mon 13-Oct-14 18:43:30

How old is Kim Tate now? She'd do well dying her hair black and coming along as Carla's mother.

Jill2015 Mon 13-Oct-14 18:45:56

I have an image of her hovering over the Dales, in that helicopter that she departed in, and then landing in Corrie. grin Hope she is as good a character as she was in Emmerdale. Corrie needs some good characters. A lot of the recent arrivals are watery and uninteresting.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 13-Oct-14 19:46:23

She was on CBB this year and seemed the same as before, and sounded like she hadn't done much since she was Kim Tate.

impomea Mon 13-Oct-14 19:55:59

Thanks for the new thread smile

Agree Kim Tate would be good as Carla and Rob's mother but I think she is dead.

Jill2015 Mon 13-Oct-14 20:33:07

She is a friend of Liz, and she has a fling with toyboy grin Nick.

thenightsky Mon 13-Oct-14 20:34:42

Ah... and Rob has just confirmed that his mum is dead. Bang goes my theory.

thenightsky Mon 13-Oct-14 20:51:14

Norris must be a secret Mumsnetter. He's just pointed out that Steph only knew Tina for 5 mins!

impomea Mon 13-Oct-14 21:04:46

grin I would love it if Norris was secretly on here -wonder what his name would be!

ScrambledEggAndToast Mon 13-Oct-14 22:06:23

This thing with Steve and the depression has come a bit out of the blue a bit like Max and the ADHD. I wonder if the writers sometimes just go, "ooh! what about this!! ....." I hope Rob gets found out soon.

NorrisCole Mon 13-Oct-14 22:07:58

I'm here grin

NorrisCole Mon 13-Oct-14 22:08:26

I should probably add that this has been my nn for a few months now wink

alemci Mon 13-Oct-14 22:09:06


Jill2015 Mon 13-Oct-14 22:10:18

Hi Norris, will you post the pics that you were going to show in the pub, tonight? Before you upset Steph, that is grin

NorrisCole Mon 13-Oct-14 22:13:21

Will have them up shortly grin

desperatehousewife21 Tue 14-Oct-14 10:23:50

Marking my place in new thread

Ellenora5 Tue 14-Oct-14 10:49:57

Oh lovely new thread, thanks Ann

I think the stress of the trail has suddenly got to Steve and that is where they are going with that storyline, but it is a bit out of the blue

I loved Claire King in Bad Girls, so I hope she is as good in this

I love Norris, think he is fab, him and Mary discussing the contents of the lunch they were bringing grin

Can't wait to see the back of Kylie, and I hope she doesn't come back

I wonder will Rob end up confessing, he seemed really bothered when he was out with Simon

Talking about Simon he really is a nobodys child, he was dumped with Cal, who apparently is great with him and Simon loves him (right then) Cal forgo all sense of responsibility and let him go off with Rob who let the child talk him into going to Tinas grave

Thanks for the new thread Anne, Kim Tate was one of the best soap characters ever.

I think they started building Steve up for depression with his 40th birthday, remember how he was all mid life crisis about that?

GetTheRedOut Tue 14-Oct-14 13:39:21

Thanks for the new thread! Marking my place smile

Fed up with Kylies storyline already. Find her really hard to believe as a character when she behaves like this

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