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Who's watching TOWIE?

(118 Posts)
AlpacaYourThings Wed 08-Oct-14 21:11:09

New series started tonight at 9pm.

Wonder what drama will happen this series?

BelleateSebastian Wed 08-Oct-14 22:06:12

love it grin isn't Elliot a cock? Arg's tits 'burgeresque'? and Lewis really is 'a jobless loser twat' with silly hair? I want Chloe & Popey to be friends again, they both need a friend!

amyhamster Wed 08-Oct-14 22:06:45

Arg and Lyd back together according to Heat grin

Fairylea Wed 08-Oct-14 22:09:02

Well Lewis came off as a total wank bag didn't he smile Oh dear!

Felt sorry for Danni. How sad losing the baby and then locke behaving like a twat.

AlpacaYourThings Wed 08-Oct-14 22:09:54

Lewis came across as a complete twat. As did Elliot.

Woodenheart Wed 08-Oct-14 22:12:42

Oh no I forgot, I've just had to add new channels & I now have ITVbe but theres no +1 - so Ive missed it now sad

AlpacaYourThings Wed 08-Oct-14 22:14:42

There's an after show with Mark Wright and Denise Van Outen with the cast

Woodenheart Wed 08-Oct-14 22:17:13

This is the shit icing on my shit day, I lovvvvve TOWIE, maybe its repeated on Saturday like it was on ITV2

Stupidhead Thu 09-Oct-14 14:25:12

Sssh! It's my secret must-see!
I'm watching now on catch up before DP and DCs are home and I can pretend I've been busy. smile

NathalieM Thu 09-Oct-14 14:50:53

This is my guilty pleasure. My husband failed to add ITV Be to our channel list on time so I had to watch it on ITV Player.

Woodenheart Thu 09-Oct-14 19:47:23

What do you watch catch up on? Is it with B.T?

I have a t.v upstairs with a free-view box separate & downstairs
I have an old t.v, with freeview built in, but I would like to be modern one day!

sheldonesque Thu 09-Oct-14 20:41:44

Bloor - twat.

Arg - childish twat.

Chlot - pair of well-suited twats. He thinks he is the bloody Lord of Essex and the disdainful way she treats Ferne is shocking. They have no class. Plenty of teeth, but no class ...

coalscuttle Thu 09-Oct-14 20:45:43

Woodenheart go to and click on the link to the Player and you can watch it on there on a laptop etc. my parents have just given DS an xbox and I trying to work out if I can watch it on my TV via that...

misstiredbuthappy Thu 09-Oct-14 20:53:22

I felt sorry for Danielle, lockie seems like a right dick.

Who the hells Mallet !

Whos that new blobde girl George ? I recognise her.

And finally .... Bobbys meat n two veg in that bag/pouch sad made me feel ill. Could of at least waxed !

NickiFury Thu 09-Oct-14 21:55:48

Just started watching. Ferne's impression of Elliot was gringringrin.

bindiboo Thu 09-Oct-14 23:27:15

Just watched on itv player.
Was it just me who was quite disturbed at Elliots behaviour? How controlling he was with Chloe when telling her what she will and will not do regarding Mario. He seems dangerously close to being so controlling it's verging on dv. Poor Chloe, she's been wanting someone to come along and sweep her off her feet and treat her right, Elliot seemed like Mr perfect but he's turned out to be a controlling psycho.

bindiboo Thu 09-Oct-14 23:28:23

I thought Lockie seemed quite sweet, when he was talking to bobbie trying not to cry about how he'd done the wrong thing in going to work.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 10-Oct-14 14:13:26

finally watched, always seem to be a few days behind lol

elliot a total cock,how dare he say to chloe that mario needs to ask his permission

arg - really fat and with moobs

lewis naughty for snogging/sleeping with someone while with lauren

dan sending pics of his cock to georgia???? while he is meant to be with lauren from ee and she is preg with his child!!!!! and he snogged the new george?

chloe looks like a drag queen

lockie sad about his and dani mc sad and more to the point does she want all of the world to know about it

bobbi pouch was very funny, nothing quite like burnt balls and omg at the tv chanel showing naked willys!!!!!!

georgia - why is she with a bloke called tommy mallet

gemma not much tv time, not a bad thing

jess birthday again, last year they went to vagas and saw a strip show and broke up with rickie, tho got back together

and charlie has come out as gay, no shit sherlock!!!!!!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 10-Oct-14 19:58:15

Bring back Joey, it's lost all the humour since he leftsad

BelleateSebastian Sun 12-Oct-14 22:41:37

Omg .. Ferne is awful!

AlpacaYourThings Sun 12-Oct-14 22:46:00

She is saying on twitter that her and Charlie didn't argue in Ibiza... confused

AlpacaYourThings Sun 12-Oct-14 22:50:37

WTF is up with Ricky's beard?! It's hideous!!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 13-Oct-14 07:01:16

Urgh Ricky is looking more and more like a serial killer every day!

JuniorMumber Mon 13-Oct-14 07:18:59

Ferne just does not help herself at all with the Chloe situation. It was so cringey the way she walked over to Charlie and Chloe in the club and didn't even acknowledge Chloe. I actually quite like Ferne, but grow up woman.

Lewis Bloor - vile to speak to someone like that, especially after you've just screwed them over. Lauren is massively pretentious though.

Danielle is so sweet. Lochie needs to pull his socks up.

Wish Bobby was my GBF.

TOWIE is back yay!!

bindiboo Mon 13-Oct-14 17:11:05

Ferne is a childish, bitchy idiot. Vile.

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