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Is anyone watching 'Glue'?

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NeedaDiscoNap Wed 24-Sep-14 16:20:58

I know I'm not the target audience - bit old grin - but I'm really enjoying it. It's a bit dark and I'm loving all the unanswered questions...

ProfYaffle Wed 24-Sep-14 16:21:59

Yes, I am! Wasn't sure after the first episode, it was all a bit Skins but the 2nd episode was great. Bit hmm about the party in the woods though, bit too try hard cool.

flipflopsandcottonsocks Wed 24-Sep-14 16:23:06

I didn't see episode 1, but caught episode 2 last night and it's really good!

Although i'm having trouble taking Ruth seriously as a police officer as I remember her as a child in Ballet Shoes, and Janine in Fresh Meat as Candice! not a telly addict...honest

ProfYaffle Wed 24-Sep-14 16:24:23

Oh, of course! I knew I'd seen Janine before and couldn't place her.

NeedaDiscoNap Wed 24-Sep-14 16:25:47

Yeah the party was a bit odd wasn't it?!

I agree ep 2 was so much better than ep 1 - in the first ep they seemed to try really hard to be uktra mysterious, to the point I had to keep rewinding it to work out who the characters were!

NeedaDiscoNap Wed 24-Sep-14 16:26:09


Dukketeater Wed 24-Sep-14 21:27:17

Marking my place

IndigoApple Sat 27-Sep-14 15:14:10

I'm watching it too. Glad I'm not the only one confused by episode 1. I ended up watching again as DD wanted to see it (although not sure it's suitable for 14 yr olds!), and it made more sense.

Wasn't Ruth in Pramface? And did anyone else recognise the farmer mother as one of the Shallow Grave flatmates?

The posh sister seemed a bit annoying/unrealistic I thought.

How many episodes are there?

NeedaDiscoNap Tue 30-Sep-14 13:50:28

Just watching ep 3 now. Am enjoying all the twists and turns.

I agree IndigoApple - the posh sister was ridiculous. The odd girl that Tina lives/works with is v peculiar too.

I'm really enjoying it though - can't work out where it's going which I'm enjoying.

Dukketeater Wed 01-Oct-14 21:39:00

As if there would only be one policeman at a murdered traveller funeral

VenusStarr Sun 05-Oct-14 16:17:56

Just caught up with episode 3, it's getting better and better smile am also not in their target age range but I'm really enjoying it. Can't see where it's going yet.

ProfYaffle Mon 06-Oct-14 17:38:08

The ditzy girl is bugging me. This was written by the people who did Skins wasn't it? They've basically re-cycled her character from that. Policegirl is my favourite so far, don't really care about the others, dh is making noises about not watching the rest of it.

Dukketeater Tue 07-Oct-14 17:33:23

I'm enjoying this series as its not as predictable as everything else I watch

foofooyeah Sun 12-Oct-14 00:19:16

Just watched episode 4.

Was Eli knocked out by one of the policemen at the bridge?
There is something v intriguing about Eli.

oldgnome Sun 12-Oct-14 00:28:44

Ditzy girl is Cassie, and a poor imitation at that. If it didn't try so hard to be a slightly older, and more sophisticated, version of Skins (albeit without the humour) it might not be too bad.

NeedaDiscoNap Wed 15-Oct-14 13:43:49

Ooh the most recent episode was great. I didn't see the relationship between Cal and James coming at all. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

foofooyeah Fri 17-Oct-14 12:32:03

Just caught up on latest episode, nope I didn't see that relationship either but the fact that Cal was only 14 made it seems a bit iffy.

Could see the Tina / Eli thing a mile off.

okeydonkey Mon 20-Oct-14 15:17:32

Just watched ep1 now watching ep2. They are annoying me, especially Tina and rob!

Dukketeater Mon 20-Oct-14 22:24:41

What is the policemans game?

Dukketeater Mon 20-Oct-14 22:50:31

Not much now I see...

Pinkje Tue 21-Oct-14 20:06:13

I'm watching it too though i feel a little uncomfortable watching the sex scenes as I'm so much older than them!

foofooyeah Wed 22-Oct-14 14:31:10

grin at dukk

Yes, didn't see that one coming!

okeydonkey Tue 28-Oct-14 22:41:09

I'm confused, who killed Cal? The policeman, who is now dead?

VenusStarr Wed 29-Oct-14 13:37:38

Yes, I think so okey.

Ruth mentioned that Janine / Elizabeth had found out what was going on and the copper killed her, can't work that one out. Why did Eli not go and meet Tina at the train station? Next week's episode (can't believe it is nearly over!) looks interesting.... looks like we'll see what happened.

one things is confusing me - who is the baby's father? I got the impression in an earlier episode that Tina was the baby's mother and Ruth was looking after her...may be totally wrong on that one - did anyone think the same?

Listmaker Wed 29-Oct-14 14:17:25

I think the baby's father is Tina's father which is why she hates the police lady?

I love Eli and want him to be happy - he should have gone with Tina!

I am really enjoying this series too - and yes I too am much older than the target audience.

The guy from Rizzle Kicks is good isn't he?

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