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Celeb BB thread 3 - PWBs gather - Is Brad Pitt the James Jordan of acting?

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AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 26-Aug-14 21:57:36

Will Leslie revert to his slapping past?

Will Kellie calm her aggression?

Will Edele just give in and accept everyone thinks she was famous in the 70s?

Can you believe we are less than a week in? It's carnage in there!

Sit back and relax PWBs, we've got a long journey ahead of us.

amyhamster Tue 26-Aug-14 21:59:51

Is it eviction tonight ?
I'm still hoping James stays in for the entertainment
I'd rather Kellie left, she's very cringey to watch, too much angst for comfortable viewing

shitatusernames Tue 26-Aug-14 22:04:31

Gary to win!!!

They are ganging up on him now.

Redcoats Tue 26-Aug-14 22:05:48

Marking my place. Will be back soon.

KenDoddsDadsDog Tue 26-Aug-14 22:06:33

Hello new thread.

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 26-Aug-14 22:07:18

Yuck! I don't even let DD age 5 pee in a pool.

Chipstick10 Tue 26-Aug-14 22:09:30

Lol at lauren

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 26-Aug-14 22:11:28

Leslie seems to have forgotten Kellie is a homophobe.

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 26-Aug-14 22:17:54

Where are you all tonight??

GreatSoprendo Tue 26-Aug-14 22:20:05

I'm here! Love the thread title. I cannot WAIT to see Gary faking a balloon phobia.....

Chipstick10 Tue 26-Aug-14 22:20:08

Not sure about hair bunches on a 60yr old.

LottieAndTheDinosaur Tue 26-Aug-14 22:21:15

Not caught up with old thread yet...thanks for new one Anne

LottieAndTheDinosaur Tue 26-Aug-14 22:22:33

I was just thinking the same chipstick not the best look!

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 26-Aug-14 22:22:52

Hurrah! I'm not alone!

Thought the same about the bunches, Chip.

Yes the balloon phobia will be good. I know someone who has that. It is ridiculous so Gary should be v funny.

GreatSoprendo Tue 26-Aug-14 22:24:00

Is it just me, or is Gary making more and more sense? I really think the other housemates are really underestimating him - he's actually pretty sharp and witty. The Brad Pitt come back was epic.

KenDoddsDadsDog Tue 26-Aug-14 22:24:50

A sight I thought I would never see , Frank Warren in bunches ....

Chipstick10 Tue 26-Aug-14 22:26:35

Mean of dee to say she has to keep repeating stuff to Gary

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 26-Aug-14 22:27:03

Oh Dee has just gone down in my estimation after her comments about Gary.

Kellie is embarrassing with her "not a good judge of character" comments.

areyoubeingserviced Tue 26-Aug-14 22:27:16

I totally dislike Kellie

areyoubeingserviced Tue 26-Aug-14 22:29:05

Dee oh dee- you are losing support

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 26-Aug-14 22:29:07

I used to like Dee. Now she is on my shit list.

Redcoats Tue 26-Aug-14 22:29:31

Kellie, bunches no no no.

GreatSoprendo Tue 26-Aug-14 22:30:26

Poor Gary sad I've gone right off Dee now
I'm starting to like Edele - she seems very fair, and takes the time with Gary to explain things to him.

AnneEyhtMeyer Tue 26-Aug-14 22:30:36

I think Dee has been swayed by Leslie being voted star HM. She is totally wrong.

Mrsjayy Tue 26-Aug-14 22:31:03

They are horrible to gary I know he is a pita but they seem tp be picking on him they are getting right into this slagging off malarky.

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