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Blondeshavemorefun Sat 16-Aug-14 10:51:55

old one almost full so being organised smile

will we find out these things

so will shazza steal phils money and make a new life? and wingy denny will disapeer forever

will we find out who killed Lucy?

obv Nick Cotton ' ello ma' isnt dead but why pretend he is

will kat and alfie ever be happy

who will be the next preg one?

Wobblebeans Sat 16-Aug-14 10:59:58

The actress that plays Lauren Branning has just announced her pregnancy, so they might write in a Lauren preg storyline with Dean as the father...or Peter...
Either that or come up with a reason that she might need to leave the square for a while

LemonBreeland Sat 16-Aug-14 11:05:02

Wobble shocked to hear that. Why do I think that the relationship with TOWIE boy won't last.

I hope Sharon is actually going out of it when she dumps Phil on the wedding day. I really can't stand her.

differentnameforthis Sat 16-Aug-14 11:05:56

So the girl who plays Lauren is pregnant & the father has an 8mth old...he doesn't waste time, does he!!

Will they write it in, or hide it?

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 16-Aug-14 11:16:24

lauren is preg with dans baby???

doesnt he know what condoms are???? his 1st was a mistake an accident

Wobblebeans Sat 16-Aug-14 11:18:13

Yes I was a bit shocked by it too, didn't realise he had an 8 month old though, normally I don't really keep up with celeb type news. He definitely doesn't waste time!

differentnameforthis Sat 16-Aug-14 15:05:22

I don't normally keep up with celeb news, either. I followed a link from the other thread & saw the article! Shocked doesn't cover it.

LemonBreeland Sat 16-Aug-14 15:56:12

There were pictures in the DM sidebar of shame of him on holiday without JJ and he was very cosy with hot girls in bikinis. It is a bit of a joke.

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 16-Aug-14 19:04:32

wonder if they will use her pregnancy in ee? or if she killed lucy and they write her out

Coumarin Sat 16-Aug-14 23:26:07

Jay was wearing that beanie is the episode Lucy was killed in. Suppose someone could've taken it and worn it but given the look on his face, I'd say it's definitely him on the bus.

Too early for the killer though and he so a red herring. Maybe he was going to meet Ben? Maybe they were both going to meet Ben but didn't realise it. Lucy clocks Jay just before she gets off the bus and looks puzzled.

Coumarin Sat 16-Aug-14 23:26:37

Sorry for all the mistakes.

Coumarin Sat 16-Aug-14 23:27:45

^just realised. That's not a spoiler is it? It's only my speculation from what I remember etc. nothing definite.

realitygone Sat 16-Aug-14 23:31:54


SilveryMoon Sun 17-Aug-14 07:29:38

Was Jay actually wearing the hat that night? So he wasn't at Ronnie and Roxy's party? Agree he was probably meeting Ben if it was him on the bus.
Maybe the killer is Lauren, she went all nuts when she saw Lucy with Jake.
I have been thinking about it being Lola

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 17-Aug-14 07:48:58

As I said on the old thread Lucy turned round on steps of bus and looked at someone as if she knew them

Person was tall and lanky so not billy

Burning the hat seems suss but no dount another red herring

Who is the most unlikeliest person and they will be the killer

Rem when phil got shot and in the end it was Lisa his girlfriend and I didn't expect that

DieselSpillages Sun 17-Aug-14 08:55:53

Lola dressing up in Ronnies clothes
coffin spillage in Dot's front room
Stupid matching outfits .... It's non stop red herrings.

jaynebxl Sun 17-Aug-14 09:06:11

Who is the most unlikeliest person and they will be the killer

My money has always been on silent Tracy. She seems to have lost her job since Mick and co moved in and clearly turned into a crazed killer.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 17-Aug-14 19:34:17

what is it with sweaty armpits

it was max the other week and friday night jay as he leant in to kiss abbie in the kitchen

MrsCK Tue 19-Aug-14 19:14:58

<spoiler alert>

Charlie Cotton is arrested soon for impersonating a police officer.

LemonBreeland Tue 19-Aug-14 19:26:54

Ooh MrsCK. Not really a surprise, but will be good to get the truth with this story finally.

dancestomyowntune Tue 19-Aug-14 19:29:51

I've said it before and i'll say it again...

Abbie Branning!!!!!!!!!!! i am CONVINCED she killed Lucy.

MrsCK Tue 19-Aug-14 19:36:57

yup...also he IS really Nick's son...I am pretty sure it is PC/DC Summer Hays who arrests him...could this mean he is linked to Lucy's death?!

MrsCK Tue 19-Aug-14 19:39:54

dances I'm not convinced about Abbie...what would she gain? I also don't think she has the balls haha

SilveryMoon Tue 19-Aug-14 20:56:02

I don't think that means he has anything to do with Lucy. Summer-Hayes is still a ploice officer and should act if she is aware of an activity which is breaking the law shouldn't she? Regardless of role and case allocation.........?

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 19-Aug-14 21:27:18

Abbie's a wimp. Not her. Still have a feelin it's immediate family who killed Lucy

Ps dan (towie) was snapped 'talking/kissing' a girl on a boat party. Hope Lauren isn't preg by him

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