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What do we want from the next series of The Big Bang Theory?

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ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 08-Aug-14 21:16:37

I dont want any of them to have babies yet but id love a proper pregnancy scare. From the Walowotzs

I want another Epic Game episode (along the lines of the Scav Hunt or when Howard was the Dungeon Master)

I need another Big Quote "its a tiaaaaarrraaaaa" or "my brain is bettet that EVERYBODYS"

Tanaqui Fri 08-Aug-14 21:17:33

I want Leslie Winkle back

ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 08-Aug-14 21:18:53

Oh I loved Leslie Winkle.

I also.noticed that Amy was in the last few episodes of s7 a lot less than prior - less of that please. I need mote screen time from Dr Farrah Fowler.

Rummikub Fri 08-Aug-14 21:20:12

More of the mums! More of Howard's mum. What does she look like? I loved the one where raj ends up staying over.
I'd love to see a meeting of Leonard's mum and sheldon's mum. What would they make of each other?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 08-Aug-14 21:25:27

I do love the mums.

The treadmill storyline pissed me off though - they hoiked the contraption up the stairs and there was a guest bedroom on the ground floor.

Thats what guest bedrooms are for: unised excercise machines, suitcases and the christmas tree in a box.

DiaDuit Fri 08-Aug-14 21:25:45

I want another song like the one howard wrote for Bernadette when she was in the isolation ward. it was awesome and has been in my head all day grin

I would like a mini wolowitz TBH. with howard being a SAHD.

I have a horrible feeling someone is going to leave. sad

yes, more of leslie winkle. she is brilliant. I want her to become Sheldon's boss. or something.

yes to more dungeons and dragon games.

I also want the menfolk to get excited about what the womenfolk do for a change. i did like the episode where the women started reading comic books but i want more equality dammit! grin the women do fun stuff too and i want their stuff given as much 'value' as dungeons and dragons or comic books.

DiaDuit Fri 08-Aug-14 21:27:22

i wonder if we'll get to meet penny's mum? i think she is the only one we haven't met. i know we haven't seen howard's but we've heard her!

SquattingNeville Fri 08-Aug-14 21:27:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 08-Aug-14 21:33:10

Apparently Kaley Cuoco wants Lisa Kudrow to play her mum. Id quite like that I think. Also her dad was great so itd be good to see him back - assuming that we will see them both at the wedding.

aahhh the song really was good.

I do think Alex and Leonard would make a better pairingtl than he and Penny.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 08-Aug-14 21:33:34

Haha Leslie as Sheldons boss is excellent!

DiaDuit Fri 08-Aug-14 21:35:52

Leslie as Sheldons boss is excellent!

he would be permanently frustrated at the situation and she would so play with him! grin

DiaDuit Fri 08-Aug-14 21:36:43

and no! lenny cant break up. they're meant to beeeee!

DaisyFlowerChain Fri 08-Aug-14 21:38:45

Shelton to discover lust but not for Amy grin

Raj to find love and be the first couple to get pregnant.

Huge wedding for Penny and Leonard, not least so that we find out her surname!

DaisyFlowerChain Fri 08-Aug-14 21:41:48

Sheldon even ... Given he's my favourite I could at least type his name correct!

Rummikub Fri 08-Aug-14 21:44:46

Have the cast all agreed to the new contracts now?

DiaDuit Fri 08-Aug-14 21:45:04

i think lenny will elope to las vegas and get married.

weatherall Fri 08-Aug-14 21:45:43

Yes to missing dr winkle. Oh I'd love to see dr copper squirm under her.

Howard should get a phd before the end.

He could do it pt whilst raising bernies babies.

Will raj move in with sheld

DiaDuit Fri 08-Aug-14 21:46:21

not sure about all the cast but i know JP has signed til 2017.

weatherall Fri 08-Aug-14 21:46:31


More of the mums aswell!

DiaDuit Fri 08-Aug-14 21:48:23

oh yes because the last we saw leonard told Sheldon that he and penny would probably live together...without Sheldon. was that the last of the series? I'm a bit jumbled up with the series because they show so many different ones on E4. this season is over isn't it?

ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 08-Aug-14 21:48:25

Hmmm.....I do think Amy and Sheldon could become flatmates. Not sure I could see him living in Pennys flat if they swapped.

Raj wont move in I dont think.

Mmmm.....Howard with a Phd. He is a highly intelligent character - languages, music, science, etc. I think he is underestimated.

I liked Stuart living with Mrs W even though it was only a tiny bit so thatd be good to keep going.

OublietteBravo Fri 08-Aug-14 21:48:50

I so want to see Leonard's mum attending Penny's hen party.

DiaDuit Fri 08-Aug-14 21:49:06

yes Sheldon/jim parsons

ThinkIveBeenHacked Fri 08-Aug-14 21:49:21

Oh yes! She was a brilliant drunk! She could have a ONS and get pregnant.

longjane Fri 08-Aug-14 21:52:14

I want to see more of Raj famliy . I think he might have brothers .

Have we seen Leonard brothers ? Be nice to see them and their wife
Have we seen Leonard dad? And his girl freind ?

They would be there for wedding I surpose.

Is Stuart looking after Howard mum now ?
So what become of comic store ?
They need some where new to meet.

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