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Beauty Queen or Bust?

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Lighthousekeeping Mon 14-Jul-14 11:44:18

I cried all the way through it!

WowserBowser Mon 14-Jul-14 16:19:18

Which one was it?

I've just watched two on catch up. I was surprised at how likeable they were.

MonterayJack Mon 14-Jul-14 17:34:56

The first one made me cry. Felt so so sad for Diamond when she wasn't placed. She seemed so fragile. The girl in the second epi who had been a victim of DV also so vulnerable and needing approval that she's a good person. Also awful that she wasn't placed. Her binge drinking was a real issue though and she really didn't deserve to be due to her dodgy attendance, but I also felt very sad for her. Sad is the word that sums up the situation of girls needing this type of confirmation of their worth.

WowserBowser Mon 14-Jul-14 17:43:59

I thought it was going to be one of those, let us look down on poor, unemployed people.

But they were warm and sweet and worked hard.

I thought they were great. Especially Diamond and Kiem.

I hope they do well in life.

But yes, it's a shame that they had picked beauty pageants to build their confidence but it did seem to help them think there was more they could do.

Lighthousekeeping Mon 14-Jul-14 19:43:11

If only they could be supported to take another path. It was awful the way they kept saying they were rubbish in school. I only saw the Hull one.

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