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Why did Orange have to sell out, series 2 with all the sex scenes?

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SwiftRelease Sat 21-Jun-14 14:00:10

Nothing against sex scenes (lesbian or otherwise) but seem rather explicit and lingering in a way i don't remember from series 1. Seems quite exploitative somehow and for male audience. Am i the only one irritated?

JimmyCorkhill Sat 21-Jun-14 14:34:17

I didn't notice. I actually thought you meant they cut lots of sex scenes.

MaloryArcher Sat 21-Jun-14 14:38:57

I totally agree.

I'm only halfway through S2 but the increase in sex scenes is ruining it for me.

I cringe when I think how many people I have recommended it to as strong feminist telly and now it's selling out with lots of lezzing off to gain male viewers.

The way they've turned Boo and Nicky into clichéd sexual predators is crap. And all the while totally wasting great characters like Sophia who has had barely more than a line?

I don't geddit confused .

SwiftRelease Sat 21-Jun-14 14:40:12

Maybe turning into middle-aged grouch! Just series 1 so off the wall and fab, like this one but seems sex just chucked in to up the audience. Gratuitous rather than as part of story. Would they have done it if set in a male prison?!
Love yr name btw, was a true Brookside fan back in the day!

SwiftRelease Sat 21-Jun-14 14:46:56

Exactly, Malory! Was feisty feminist plot unlike anything I've ever seen before. And now? Still witty and well-acted but formulaic and clearly now out to capitalize on this success and titillate gain new audience/advertisers

LavalavalavaLamp Sat 21-Jun-14 15:22:37

I'm still enjoy

LavalavalavaLamp Sat 21-Jun-14 15:23:34

-ing it.... But made the same comment to dh, def more sex scenes and they feel a bit unnecessary to me

JimmyCorkhill Sat 21-Jun-14 19:50:00

I suppose it was more sexy at the start of season 2 but by the end you were engrossed in the other storylines. The ending has really stuck in my head and I'd actually forgotten about the competition between Boo and Nicky.

SwiftRelease Sat 21-Jun-14 20:56:56

Oh only watched 5 so far, hope gets less irritating then.

Pennastucky Sun 22-Jun-14 10:18:46

Just finished series 2.

I didnt think it was any more sexually explicit or focussed on lesbian sex than series 1, really.

I was gripped all the way through, once again, although thought the last episode was slightly disappointing (wont say why, as dont want to spoil it for others).

BreeVDKamp Sun 22-Jun-14 10:33:12

I didn't notice more sex than series one and I thought the last episode, especially the ending was PERFECT!

Only thing that disappointed me in series 2 was the Larry thing, say no more, don't want to spoil it for others! But thought that plot line was crowbarred in there and unnecessary.

TheAwfulDaughter Sun 22-Jun-14 10:49:56

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TheAwfulDaughter Sun 22-Jun-14 10:57:00

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Pennastucky Sun 22-Jun-14 11:12:54

I don't know. I think the most explicit sex stuff was featuring Nicky (in series 1 and 2) and was mostly funny.

There a two disturbing sexual scenes in series 2, but they aren't featuring lesbian sex and they aren't explicit - just the premise is creepy in both, one to great effect, the other unnecessary in my opinion.

Again, wont be too specific (spoiler).

MargotLovedTom Sun 22-Jun-14 11:36:53

Started watching Season 1 and I don't think we got halfway through Ep 1 before declaring it crap and switching it off. There was a big long sex scene in flashback between the main character (who I found incredibly irritating) starting with her dancing round the bedroom in her underwear to distract her gf, and I thought 'Here we go...'.

We had just watched the entire run of Breaking Bad and bloody loved it, and it was so refreshing to watch the story being driven along without breaking off for sex scenes every ten minutes that it made Orange ITNB seem like a step back.

BreeVDKamp Sun 22-Jun-14 12:20:27

How is it a feminist tv show?? Honest question as I'm not v clued up on feminism.

TweenageAngst Sun 22-Jun-14 12:24:30

A friend of mine said "from prison camp drama to camp prison drama in one series" I agree. I really enjoyed the first series, I have given up on the second.

Pennastucky Sun 22-Jun-14 12:31:52

Margot, you should've stuck with it. I found episode 1 crap and Piper annoying - it gets SO much better. Its the only thing I have loved since watching Breaking Bad.

BertieBotts Sun 22-Jun-14 12:34:29

I've not seen this show but it's definitely a common theme in "lesbian" dramas, the first series is great and then they get more funding (and, presumably, lose some control to the more mainstream directors etc) and it becomes about gaining viewers via gratuitous sex. No thank you.

Cherrypi Sun 22-Jun-14 12:34:48

Is it bad that I didn't notice there were more sex scenes. I agree I would have liked more Sophia as she is ace. Fantastic final episode.

mithuseretrod Sun 22-Jun-14 19:09:51

I was saying this to my friend, she was asking me if it was good, and it is good, but the amount of sex was ridiculous imo. "gay for the stay". Do people really go in to prison and then think, i've nothing to do I'll have a bit of gay sex.

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