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Friday Night Dinner is back!

(10 Posts)
turningvioletviolet Fri 20-Jun-14 14:18:06

I love this programme. Real laugh out loud stuff. Back on tonight at 10pm.

2boys1girlNoPeace Fri 20-Jun-14 20:10:43

I'm looking forward to this, every episode made me laugh :D

KikitheKitKat Fri 20-Jun-14 20:13:10

Can't wait!

Aliceinvodkaland Fri 20-Jun-14 20:16:17

i love this programme

Aliceinvodkaland Fri 20-Jun-14 20:16:26

funny as hell

ILikeWarmHugs Fri 20-Jun-14 22:04:35

Watching it now!!

Wishfulmakeupping Fri 20-Jun-14 22:05:29

Recording it smile love love love this programme

2boys1girlNoPeace Fri 20-Jun-14 22:10:21

"Shit on it" grin

bluebump Fri 20-Jun-14 22:11:43

It's brilliant!

2boys1girlNoPeace Fri 20-Jun-14 22:12:55

I have been cracking up already!

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