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Anyone watch "I wanna marry "Harry"? come and chat about it - it's crazy!

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Alambil Wed 18-Jun-14 21:53:46

utterly absurd, surely?

cruel, even?

I am torn between laughing at them for believing the ruse and feeling terrible for them when they're going to find out the truth!

WanderingAway Fri 20-Jun-14 10:57:21

I watched one episode.

It frustrated me because I kept shouting 'it is not prince harry you dumb cow'

squoosh Fri 20-Jun-14 12:36:56

I'm sure they're in on the secret. they have google.

TheIronGnome Wed 25-Jun-14 21:15:07

I am guitily addicted! Am also not sure whether I feel more sorry for them or feel they're a bit ridiculous!!

I thought the idea was going to be that they were just lead to believe he was Harry, yet not they're properly telling them that's who he is... bit of a shame really- it was a lot more fair when they were just suggesting it.

How is he expecting to find 'true love' with any of them when they have a completely different idea of who he is as a person! It's not just a name he's taking on but a whole personality and lifestyle!

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