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ByTheSea Thu 05-Jun-14 20:52:56

Anyone else think this season is even funnier? I am loving it.

bettys Thu 05-Jun-14 22:06:48

I agree, Matt LeBlanc is excellent but all the cast are good. The girl who grimaces and and groans is hilarious (Myra?) and I am sure the blind womans isn't really.

QuietNinjaTardis Sun 08-Jun-14 19:08:54

I saw Steven mangan on Paul o Grady and he said that the director sometimes cuts that woman's lines and tells her just to make a noise. grin I think its brilliant and very funny.

imme Sun 08-Jun-14 19:12:39

Interesting! We prefer the first series and think that it used to be funnier! The new series seems more like a soap opera.. Still enjoying it though!

AnneEyhtMeyer Sun 08-Jun-14 21:29:46

I love this series! The groaning woman is my favourite.

Davros Mon 09-Jun-14 22:20:32

Absolutely love it. The groaning woman was the sister in Uncle

2rebecca Thu 12-Jun-14 09:12:43

I'm disappointed in it. Great cast but disappointing plot, what there is of it. No-one seems remotely real, probably because they all work in media land. Greenwing was much better. It was just half an hour of a joke about a bloke having wanking issues.

ByTheSea Fri 13-Jun-14 07:33:33

Carol cracks me up.

yesiwillinaminute Sat 14-Jun-14 23:11:56

Good cast but I've yet to laugh or even smile in either series. Its so clunky.

Icimoi Sun 15-Jun-14 11:58:47

I think it's excellent and highly enjoyable. Goodness know where anyone gets the idea that it's clunky from. How can you look at, for instance, the almost uncomfortable humour around the blind lady and think that?

bumpiesonamission Sun 15-Jun-14 12:22:52

We love it. How hilarious is the growing side effects of boss man's meds!!!

I love the random hikes too!

moodyblues Tue 17-Jun-14 15:40:33

Think this series is good, am enjoying it but have to disagree about Myra, she is dreadful. Very overdone and the face pulling is cringey. Love the actress in other things but want to turn her off in Episodes!

OneInAMillionYou Tue 17-Jun-14 22:51:48

Loving this series. That scene in the sex therapist's office had me weeping with laughter. Stephen Mangan's face was a portrait of excruciating.

BillnTedsMostFeministAdventure Mon 14-Jul-14 00:17:00

Just caught up on iplayer, loved it!

clary Mon 14-Jul-14 00:20:15

Oh episodes is the only thing I have wanted to watch on TV for ages, also the only thing that makes me actually laugh.

I would watch Steven Mangan and Tamsin Greig read the phone book, but with this you get brilliant scripts as well smile

joanofarchitrave Mon 14-Jul-14 00:22:56

I love parts of it. It's nice seeing MleB acting intelligently. I find Carol very hard to take though and she is the same in every episode.

diddl Mon 14-Jul-14 09:38:07

I've only just started series 2.

I find Myra really annoying now.

Was funny but no longer.

Same with Merc doing the British accent/phrases.

Thank goodness that that seems to have stopped.

He's fucking horrible though.

Costacoffeeplease Mon 14-Jul-14 09:59:08

I've gone right off it this series -
Stopped watching a few weeks ago, shame because previous series were hilarious it just feels like they're trying too hard now and it's run its course.

Heels99 Mon 14-Jul-14 10:04:44

It's a bit samey. Don't think it warrants another series

redexpat Mon 14-Jul-14 16:00:28

i saw s2, now watched a bit of s3 whilst catching uo on s1 on netflix and i agree its getting a bit samey, although the start of s3 had me snorting in a way that usually only happens when watching modern family.

MonterayJack Mon 14-Jul-14 17:41:08

I liked but didn't love this Series I'm not sure it warranted more than one series. Mat LeB is brilliant in it though and I love the insincerity and egocentricity of most of the characters. It's how I imagine life to be in the entertainment industry in Hollywood.

The whole thing in the last two episodes about everyone trying to persuade Bev to let the execs have the script for the new series has been annoying though - just gone on and on. But for me, it's still one of the funniest things on TV.

Davros Tue 15-Jul-14 09:00:15

I lived every minute of it! Glad they brought Merc back in, he's brilliant and loved the meeting when Castor(?) jumped on the table

OnlyLovers Wed 16-Jul-14 15:00:58

I like it but Stephen Mangan can't act. Sorry if that's heresy, but I genuinely think he's rubbish.

He's not bad at the lighter, more comedic stuff, but when he and Tamsin G have to do a serious emotional scene he's totally unconvincing and wooden. He also looks vacant in a lot of scenes when he's not speaking and someone else is –like he's forgotten that he's supposed to stay in character even when he's not speaking.

I find the fixation on sex quite schoolboyish and ugly; all the impotence scenes/discussion particularly.

I LOVE Carol. I think the actor who plays her is fantastic. I want all her clothes too.

diddl Fri 18-Jul-14 08:20:21

Well I've just finished.

What was the point of Castor?

Was it supposed to be funny?

Uncontrollable hard ons & inappropriate wanking?

I don't really like any of the characters!

OnlyLovers Fri 18-Jul-14 11:47:38

diddl, yes, the sex humour is pretty childish and quite aggressive IMO. However, I did like Castor's sessions with his shrink (the actor playing the shrink was hilarious), and his mad idea about staging real events for his news people to report on actually I thought it was a great idea

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