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London Live should it come with a health warning?

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Anniegoestotown Thu 03-Apr-14 13:22:27

For those who have got the new channel London Live can I ask shouldn't it come with a health warning about flashing imagery.

Is it just me but apart from the repeats the programmes that have been commissioned by LL have one thing in common. The camera doesn't spend more than a count to 6 on any one scene. I cannot concentrate on anything anyone is saying because it flashes to another scene then another then another.


I have tried to get into it but I am running out of paracetomol.

I even tried to watch one of their commissioned dramas. But apart from the abysmal acting the script appeared to be written by some excited teen and was completely beyond me, especially when they kept cutting from the storyline to where the actors were being interviewed in the street about something completely unrelated. I think that was what was going on but I will be more than happy if someone could explain to me what was happening.

Tuned in this morning to see a cook telling me I should "see the taste" of a piece of meat?? WTF is that supposed to mean?

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