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TENNIS FANS! New thread -With bouncier balls and clean towels...

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Raahh Mon 24-Mar-14 16:13:41

New thread for tennis fans, with or without the ability to watch on tv. Or even live and in person envy [tennis]

<Serves under arm into the net>

(When should we start pestering for our [tennis] back?)

MrsVamos Fri 16-May-14 22:50:58

Yep, that's how I feel, Juan.

Thanks for the tip, I will have to look into it.

Mama1980 Fri 16-May-14 22:50:44


magimedi Fri 16-May-14 22:50:28

C'mon Andy!!

And, Pesky you are not the oldest of us al here!!

How very dare you claim my gummy old crone claim to fame?

C'mon Andy - you can beat that Limon!

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Fri 16-May-14 22:50:26


MrsVamos Fri 16-May-14 22:50:10


Crikey, Andy can't beat him, can he ?


JuanPotatoTwo Fri 16-May-14 22:48:53

Pretty much get all ATP tournaments. Some WTA as well but not sure how many cos don't really follow the women's tour. It's been a real treat for me - I used to get so cross knowing there tournies happening I couldn't watch.

Mama1980 Fri 16-May-14 22:47:47

5-4 Murray on serve

MrsVamos Fri 16-May-14 22:47:44


Raahh Fri 16-May-14 22:47:35

<can't look>

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Fri 16-May-14 22:47:02

5-4 to Murray in the third, MrsV

JuanPotatoTwo Fri 16-May-14 22:46:22

5-4 to Andy.

MrsVamos Fri 16-May-14 22:44:44

You wait, Juan.

Some days of RG or Wimby, we fill a thread a day.

MrsVamos Fri 16-May-14 22:44:00

Can you please, pretty please, update score point by point.

Thanking muchly, love you forever mwah mwha mwah

JuanPotatoTwo Fri 16-May-14 22:42:59

Crikey, had no idea we were so close to the end. Of the thread, that is.

MrsVamos Fri 16-May-14 22:42:53

Sounds good, Juan.

Do you get all tennis, from all around the world, or just a select few tournaments ?

MrsVamos Fri 16-May-14 22:41:44


Hope they have sorted this posting lark out by RG. This is driving me dotty.

JuanPotatoTwo Fri 16-May-14 22:41:20

TennisTv MrsV - cheaper than Sky, and you can pay monthly sub or yearly. I think it's great cept they rarely show you after match interviews unless it's a final.

MrsVamos Fri 16-May-14 22:40:31

Hmmm. Maybe it's a good thing I might miss the Final ?


Trust me to be a lovely Mummy and screw myself over !

Raahh Fri 16-May-14 22:40:05

Well done MrsV- we can witter when we get going grin

JuanPotatoTwo Fri 16-May-14 22:39:43

Phew - 4 all.

MrsVamos Fri 16-May-14 22:39:12

Just started a new thread for when we have filled this.

Hope no-one minds.

Raahh Fri 16-May-14 22:38:52

I can't wait for RG- although now that dd2 is older, she is less inclined to let me watch the tennis. I need to get her on side.

Ds had his SATS this week- hell, that was less stressful than this. And it's only the flipping quarter final. Of a masters. I'll be a wreck by RG.

DramaAlpaca Fri 16-May-14 22:37:32

That was some celebration from Rafa smile. He's really fired up.

I keep missing all the good shots. I need my reading glasses for the laptop & my ordinary glasses for the TV, so I keep having to swap them over on my nose. It's very annoying.

Still have no idea who's going to win this one.

Raahh Fri 16-May-14 22:36:52

i might catch up with the master Chef final. It can't be as stressful as this. grin

purpleprincess Fri 16-May-14 22:36:51

Neither can I Mrs Vamos I don't have tennis tv or sky sad.

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