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nikkihollis Thu 20-Mar-14 07:47:08

Anyone watch it last night? What did you reckon?

I loved 2012,but am not sure about this follow up. Didn't even make me smile. Seemed like it was trying too hard and desperate to get as many buzz words in to each sentence as possible but without attaching them to really good writing.

PuppyMonkey Thu 20-Mar-14 07:51:06

It was probably completely hilarious for anyone who's worked for the Beeb, but for the rest of us it lacked a little something . And no Olivia Colman? Boo.

The only fairly funny thing was the thicko intern - have met a few like him.

nikkihollis Thu 20-Mar-14 09:32:21

You're right puppy. It's like one of those shows you get at a Christmas party where the staff get to take the piss out of all the silly jargon and initiatives in the workplace. Funny for everyone who works in the system, but a bit smug and irritating for anyone outside it.

YY the intern was funny. And I can well imagine there are bods like that who are there because their parents know people who can get their sprogs through the front door, but who are completely hopeless.

I hope the next episode improves. There are only 4 in the series I think.

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