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Emmerdale - Pete Barton

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snozzlemaid Fri 14-Mar-14 22:34:15

Anyone else only just noticed how gorgeous Pete Barton is, now he's been snogging Debbie?
I'd barely noticed him before, but all of a sudden he's looking bloody hot. He could find someone better than Debbie Dingle though.

Cranky01 Fri 14-Mar-14 22:44:00

He's still gilly to me, I think there's something a bit creepy and condescending about him

snozzlemaid Sat 15-Mar-14 10:06:05

I dont watch Hollyoaks so have no idea what his character was like in that.

evelynj Sat 15-Mar-14 10:10:08

He used to live near me I think & was going out with Tina from Corrie when shed just joined it -saw them in the Italian next door!

He does look more attractive now though-mannerisms add to it.

Young spotty whatshisname is starting to get prettier though too but they won't be as dishy as Aaron was, swoon!

Bornin1984 Tue 18-Mar-14 01:59:15

Isn't the actor best friends with jamie lomas who is charley web (Debbie dingle) best friends?

Both male were in holly oaks at the same time too?

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