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Eastenders - new thread :) [edited by MNHQ to say SPOILER ALERT!]

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Blondeshavemorefun Tue 11-Mar-14 16:30:51

Tried to post on old thread and it's at 1000 smile

Gawd we can woffle grin

Just watched last nights and why has Jane come back?

Why is no one mentioning that Cindy is 15 an therefore tech rape?

Strange that carls mum suddenly decides to come go the square - just as mitchell sisters are back

And still Amy is silent !!!! wink

pussycatdoll Tue 11-Mar-14 16:32:57

Think Jane is back because of big story line involving Lucy at Easter

Wish Christian & Sayid would come back
Love to lust over them both blush
plus Christian is roxy's best friend & jane's brother so would fit back in well now they're both back

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 11-Mar-14 16:43:32

Is that the murder one with Lucy?

Christian would be fab back smile

invicta Tue 11-Mar-14 16:52:31

Lucy story?

Sorry, haven't read old Eastenders thread, but I love that you actually saw Carol having a mammogram and having chemo. Having been through breast cancer, part of the fear is the unknown, and hopeful by
having it portrayed on tv, people will be more aware of what I all involves.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 11-Mar-14 17:14:17

apparently lucy is going to be killed

agree about the cancer story - my mum went through 8mths of chemo and terrible side effects sad , and usually eastenders dont show that side of chemo - the sickness/weakness/loss of hair/bodily functions etc - just they have cancer/have chemo and are ok again hmm

monikar Tue 11-Mar-14 20:04:37

Lucy is going to be murdered and the whodunit is going to go on until the 30th anniversary episode next February. I like Jane and I think she is a good character so I am really pleased she is back.

I also agree about the cancer story, it is very well done.

pussycatdoll Tue 11-Mar-14 20:06:38

Yes that's the one
Maybe it'll turn out to be Jane cos wasn't it her fault years back Jane is barren ?

monikar Tue 11-Mar-14 20:11:40

I think Jane is unable to have children as she was shot by Steven.

Lucy had an abortion a few years ago, but initially she was going to keep the baby and it was going to be adopted by Ian and Jane. In the end, Ian took matters into his own hands and took Lucy to the clinic to have an abortion, after which he told Jane that Lucy had had a miscarriage. The truth came out though - I think maybe Peter revealed it?

pussycatdoll Tue 11-Mar-14 20:18:32

Oh yes that's right!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 11-Mar-14 20:26:34

Roxy and Ronnie swigging vodka and talking about Roxy's lack of house/job/prospects

What happened to the millions of pounds that Archie left her?
She bought The Vic. A Suzuki jeep. Albert the boxer dog.
Not millions of pounds worth.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 11-Mar-14 20:29:16

Yes Jane can't have kids due to Steven shooting her

And Ian did take Lucy for an abortion and lied to jane about it - think it came out and that's why Jane left Ian in the end

invicta Thu 13-Mar-14 20:14:27

Can't believe the baby was abducted!

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 14-Mar-14 17:49:10

It was so silly it was funny iyswim - obv a doll when picked up

curiousgeorgie Fri 14-Mar-14 22:42:30

Roxy's millions didn't last long.., but Phil & Shirley stole about 30k from her and it seemed to last Phil years!

monikar Sat 15-Mar-14 09:53:21

I was also wondering how Roxy could be so poor - didn't Archie leave her a load of money? Phil has always had a lot of cash, and seems to walk around with a big wad of £20 in his wallet at all times grin .

Fakebook Tue 18-Mar-14 11:19:30

Why the hell is Jake back?! Obviously it's either him or Lauren who kill Lucy.

Nancy66 Tue 18-Mar-14 12:10:00

My god Samantha Janus is a wooden actress isn't she?

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 18-Mar-14 16:59:01

Let's hope not Lauren as she has been through enough

Be better tv if a well known actor/tress kills LUCY rather then a new boy ie jake

Magnolia1975 Tue 18-Mar-14 19:54:50

Guilty or not guilty? What do people think about Janine?

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 19-Mar-14 07:38:41

As in guilty over Micheal?

Fakebook Wed 19-Mar-14 10:49:00

Apparently Alice gets a "not guilty" verdict, so I'm thinking Kat may change her story or something. I read somewhere that Janine is going to get her comeuppance in her exit so may be found guilty.

TwllBach Thu 20-Mar-14 12:10:00

Is anyone else really excited that Stacey is back? I love Stacey grin

And I hate that the writers can't just let Ronnie get on with her life - they have to make her be the Crazy Lady.

I don't understand waht is going on with Alfie and that Australlian woman...are we really to believe that he conned her in to giving him £15k by making her fall in love with him??

MissBattleaxe Thu 20-Mar-14 12:14:09

I really hope Janine gets her come uppance. It would really piss me off otherwise.

I like the actress, but loathe the character.

SinisterBuggyMonth Thu 20-Mar-14 13:24:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fakebook Thu 20-Mar-14 20:00:43

She got away with it! Unbelievable. Well I'm looking forward to her coming back in the next few years. She's an excellent actress and always gets the best storylines IMO.

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