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The New Eggheads

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ppeatfruit Thu 06-Mar-14 09:13:44

Blimey it's more than a bit different!! Any opinions? I must say that C.J. is sexy in it (i know he's gay) but still!!

sami1985 Thu 13-Mar-14 22:20:32

Ugh I can't stand that pompous man!! He drove me nuts on the Eggheads and hes even worse in this!! I think its a bit of an act though. I'm not a violent person but sometimes I want to punch him lol.

WoweeZowee Thu 13-Mar-14 22:26:09

Noooooo! It's painful to watch CJ's uber-smugness undiluted by any of the other Eggheads! It was, however, highly amusing when he answered "Mark Gruffalo" the other day and everyone laughed at him. Hahaha!

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