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ooh graham norton tonight

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Potus Fri 21-Feb-14 23:19:52

Miriam Margolyes really doesn't like lily allen does
she? With good reason, lily isn't coming across well.

iklboo Fri 21-Feb-14 23:21:02

Banish Lily
Do Dominic
Get drunk with Miriam.

Cherrypie32 Fri 21-Feb-14 23:23:22

Awful tonight, childish banter all round. Felt sorry for Dominic.

McPheezingMyButtOff Fri 21-Feb-14 23:24:00

Ooh, im away from the telly.

What's occuring?

Pancakeflipper Fri 21-Feb-14 23:25:28

After last week's epic, this week it's cringing.

And I don't believe Lily Allen doesn't know what an A list is for records. Bad mix of guests this week.

givemeaclue Fri 21-Feb-14 23:26:00

Yes not v good. Lily dire, she should have stayed in retirement,

Focusingkingqueen Fri 21-Feb-14 23:26:02

I love Dominic Cooper, so sexy

givemeaclue Fri 21-Feb-14 23:26:34

Iklboo has perfectly summed it up

mcmooncup Fri 21-Feb-14 23:27:09

I got all mixed up and was expecting Bradley cooper.
Vair disappointed

LizzieVereker Fri 21-Feb-14 23:27:17

Lily appears to be sulking - not very dignified.

Pancakeflipper Fri 21-Feb-14 23:27:45

But I did discover I am utterly stupid and thought Kanye West was called Kane West. So I will stop looking uncool.

motleymop Fri 21-Feb-14 23:28:39

yay- I was hoping someone wld start this! lily allen came across as a right little piece of work (and I had no preconceptions)

ghostinthecanvas Fri 21-Feb-14 23:30:53

I don't know who Dominic is blush Lily A was a bit out of her depth. Miriam rocked but didn't need to be so bitchy just to get a laugh.

Focusingkingqueen Fri 21-Feb-14 23:32:30

He was the boyfriend in Mama Mia and my not so secret fantasy man

iklboo Fri 21-Feb-14 23:33:16

Ghost - watch History Boys. He's also Iron Man's dad in Captain America!

MrsDavidBowie Fri 21-Feb-14 23:34:02

Lily Allen was terrible....looked very uncomfortable physically, looked bored and frankly was quite rude.
And her song was shit.

Dom Cooper is not the best raconteur.

A very disappointing show after last week.

LizLemonaid Fri 21-Feb-14 23:35:08

Didnt see tonighrs but MM behaved like a proper fool when she was on with Will.iam

saggybaps Fri 21-Feb-14 23:37:33

Really disappointed with the way Lily A came across. I've always really liked her music, style & personality.

Tonight she came across as really childish and a little too trying. Also a little disrespectful towards Miriam M, who always is quite entertaining.

ghostinthecanvas Fri 21-Feb-14 23:37:48

Captain America is on my list of movies to see. Thanks ilkboo and Focusing
I watched mama Mia. Must be the beard. Never recognised him at all. Also only tuned in at 11 so missed what he was promoting.

MonstersBalls Fri 21-Feb-14 23:39:08

Who was on last week?

FuckyNell Fri 21-Feb-14 23:40:35

The monuments men gang? Incidentally i saw it today, worth a look.

ilikebigbutts Fri 21-Feb-14 23:41:10

I only caught the last 5 mins or so but thought there was an atmosphere between Miriam and Lily. As saggy said, Lily was a bit of a let down.

ilikebigbutts Fri 21-Feb-14 23:41:42

Never mind though, next week looks a bit of a sausage fest (oops did I just say wine talking...)

FuckyNell Fri 21-Feb-14 23:43:18

I remember when mm was on last time too Liz. I had to turn it off!!

laregina Fri 21-Feb-14 23:47:37

Aaron Paul on next week though!

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