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Mad Fat Diary

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Amandine29 Mon 17-Feb-14 23:43:34

Did anyone watch? New series seems a bit different to the last.

I know it's a bit teenage but that stuff is one of my guilty pleasures blush

birdybirdy21 Tue 18-Feb-14 00:07:00

It's fantastic. I love it. It's meant to be set in 1996 I was 12 then. I find it quite nostalgic to watch and I would love the soundtrack to it. I didn't have mental health issues when I was a teenager but do now and a lot of it resonates.

Amandine29 Tue 18-Feb-14 00:24:24

Ooh yes I love the soundtrack.

I cannot believe Tix is dead! I really didn't think they would kill her off.

You can watch the next episode on 4od now. Think I know what I'm doing tomorrow smile

Rummikub Tue 18-Feb-14 00:26:38

Watched it too, love it. Music is fab

Elsiequadrille Tue 18-Feb-14 00:27:19

Yes, watching here. I think the book was originally aimed at adults, so said the author, if I recall correctly.

I much prefer it to the books (which are really quite different aren't they), if only they'd kept the earlier music, and other, references. I was at uni in 1996, but the author is older and they were set a few years earlier. It's not a patch on Adrian Mole, but I like it.

Amandine29 Tue 18-Feb-14 00:36:19

I didn't mind the first book but I've just read the second and it wasn't really that funny. The books and the tv show are completely different though, you're right.

Rummikub Tue 18-Feb-14 01:03:49

Are the books more serious?

Amandine29 Tue 18-Feb-14 01:21:01

I didn't think so but the last one was a bit boring. The books are set in the 80s and seem to have a different style. Can't quite remember why though...they are very cringey and I don't think they go into so much detail about her mental illness as you see on tv.

Elsiequadrille Tue 18-Feb-14 01:28:45

The mental illness doesn't seem to be made much of, especially the stay in the hospital anyway, and no therapist that I recall. There's no 'Tix' character certainly. It talks more about her OCD and how it impacts on her everyday life.

It's just very different, and as regards outcomes and so on (not wanting to give spoilers). They're at grammar school together, with Finn being at the neighbouring boys' school - if I remember right. I think the Chloe character is ditched by Rae early on, as being a negative drain.

I didn't like the latest book so much either. It was quite repetitive, too.

Rummikub Tue 18-Feb-14 02:34:25

Thanks, interesting to know. The tv series doesn't touch on o.c.d at all does it.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 23-Feb-14 22:21:23

Didn't seem as good as first series but will see if gets better

Amandine29 Tue 25-Feb-14 00:03:28

Wow I just watched the 3rd ep...don't want to spoil it but I cannot believe what she did at the end.

Rummikub Wed 26-Feb-14 00:10:40

Has the 3rd episode aired? I watched the one yesterday where she set fire to the billboard. Is that the same one?

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 26-Feb-14 06:08:05

2nd episode was last night

Amandine29 Wed 26-Feb-14 10:09:00

3rd episode is on 4od but not on tv until next week.

themonsteratemyspacebar Wed 26-Feb-14 10:28:17

I have never heard anything about this until this series. I am completely hooked but also makes me sad. Ix completely identify with everything she feels about being in school and being fat. All the thoughts etc, and im starting to feel the same now.

Could anyone tell me what series 1 is like? I really want to watch it but not sure if i should IYSWIM?

Amandine29 Wed 26-Feb-14 10:29:40

I think series 1 is better. You should watch it.

Rummikub Wed 26-Feb-14 11:00:52

Are you worried about how it would affect you spacebar?
In the first series Rae is discharged from psychiatric hospital. It's done v well, how she feels. I think it's much more raw than this series. Maybe do some research before you do?

hickorychicken Wed 26-Feb-14 11:09:28

I accidently watched ep 3 before 2 and couldnt work out why raes mum was on a birthing ball haha grin

Amandine29 Wed 26-Feb-14 12:25:48

Ha ha! I wonder how it will go when she's had the baby?

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 28-Feb-14 07:24:59

Aww I felt sorry when Rae dumped him

Least her mum is happy (and preg) on this series. Last series she wasn't very happy

QueenFuri Fri 28-Feb-14 08:31:35

I loved series 1 and this one so far. Rae reminds me so much of myself as a teenager. I cannot believe she dumped Finn though I felt so sorry for him. I'm a little bit in love with him though blush .

hickorychicken Sun 02-Mar-14 18:54:38

Finn used to play an emo kid in hollyoaks called Newt, looks so gorgeous different in this though grin

Amandine29 Mon 03-Mar-14 23:09:09

I can't understand dumping Finn either! Watching episode 4 at the minute.

Elsiequadrille Mon 03-Mar-14 23:22:43

Think I recognise Finn from that depressing BBC programme, The Village.

Also just catching up with episode 4

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