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Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - Have A Little Patience

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MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Feb-14 10:12:42

(This is a thread for all fans of the daily BBC1 soap, Doctors. BBC1, 1.45pm)

Finally patience has paid off and MN is back up I have got off my backside and it is time for a new thread.

Now all we need are some patients, with WTF problems so we can enjoy the madness that is Doctors. A bit of detective work, home visits galore and a touch of marriage counselling thrown in and we will be truly happy.

Mrs T has elbowed Gobby out of the way and reminded her that hotpants are not suitable attire for rrrrrrrreception and Doc-tah Cah-tah will be talking to her later.

Regulars please sign in. Hello to all lurkers. Newcomers please join, all welcome. smile

Raahh Sat 15-Feb-14 10:36:27

Hurrah! thanks MsN

I fell asleep last night, so don't know how long MN was down for.

My hopes for this thread-

- The painful demise of Val
- The painful demise of Jimmi's irritating girlfriend.
- Bad actress to come clean, and all will be well for Al.
- GOBBY TO GET HER MEMORY BACK (Did you hear that, writers at the back?).
- Joe will only be allocated a space at the local surestart centre creche. Zara will turn purple with rage.
-Mrs T and Heston will elope to Tuscany. (a girl can dream).

<repeat, ad nauseum>


MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Feb-14 10:49:19

Raahh it is like you have read my mind.


cinnamongreyhound Sat 15-Feb-14 11:39:41

Thanks MsNobodyAgain!

My wishes for Val the same as yours Raahh!!!! Bugger off and stop trying to get rid of Gobby! Jimmi's woman is growing on me. I'd like FOD to have a life other than very elderly patient friends! And also hope Al manages not to her struck off.

curlyclaz13 Sat 15-Feb-14 12:39:19

Right Gobby I have less than three weeks until I go back to work. Get your memory back by then please and ditch the yellow hair and shorts. AND PUT YOUR BLOODY GLASSES ON.

Wetoopere Sat 15-Feb-14 12:49:55

Me too Curly 3 weeks on Monday sad how will we keep up ?

MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Feb-14 12:57:31

Noooooooo! I hope we don't lose you both off the thread.

<grabs ankles>

toldmywrath Sat 15-Feb-14 13:23:45

Thanks MsNo for new thread-have you caught up yet? Val must die go!
Gobby why oh why won't you wear your specs-you look so vain & daft peering at stuff.

Down with Val
Down with Val

MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Feb-14 16:10:58

I am all caught up on the episodes as I watched 5 in a row last night. <proud>

I haven't read all of the last thread though. I loved the manager of the spa. I thought she was brilliantly WTF.

I am hoping to do some live watching next week even though it is half term as the DCs are in clubs some days. I couldn't face parenting them for the whole week shock

MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Feb-14 16:12:51

My dislike of Val grows daily. Bleeeuuuuurghhhh. I bet she is dead nice irl doubt it

Raahh Sat 15-Feb-14 16:18:01

Mine are still in school next week. Half term is really late this year- probably because Easter is.

It means all the half term will be spent worrying about whether ds has got into a secondary school or not. It's a real possibility he will be left without, or allocated the local academy. He will go there over my dead body. The whole thing is going to cast a shadow over the holidays, and I'd much rather I'd had the distraction of him being in school the week before.

Raahh Sat 15-Feb-14 16:20:26

I don't think anyone can act being as annoying as Val, MsN. I think she was cast, just because she is annoying.

(She's probably a super posh person from Kensington, who talks like the Queen) grin

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 15-Feb-14 17:27:59

Ah! At last! A lovely new thread.

I want:

- Val to stay
- Heston to finally notice the loveliness of Mrs T
- 6tl and Dull Chris to fall down a sink hole
- TBFE to take lots of showers
- Gobby and Plod to get back together

Raahh Sat 15-Feb-14 17:30:54

oh yes- a sink hole. Very topical, and not as well used as the old 'plane lands on village and kills half the cast' plot.

Val/6tl/Chris/Fod (unless they give her a decent storyline) - down a sink hole.

It will appear in the middle of the car park, causing much grief for Barry.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 15-Feb-14 17:36:16

Yes, I thought it would be nice to be topical and also avoid plane / tram crashes and fires. Jimmi and his woman could also fall in.

I haven't read the Digital Spy spoilers but those in MILs TV mag sound nicely WTF. However it is half term here so probably won't be watching live, will either be at work or with DCs.

Val looks about 20 years younger IRL Val

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 15-Feb-14 19:10:36

Half term here too, so unlikely I'll be watching live this week, either.

Gosh Val does look good IRL!

Raahh Sat 15-Feb-14 20:31:13

That photo of Val is probably 20 years old.


MsNobodyAgain Sat 15-Feb-14 20:56:39

Her teeth aren't that white on the tv are they?

6tl wore 2 very shit blouses this week. Very nylon looking.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 15-Feb-14 21:00:29

I often think 6tl must get very smelly and sweaty in her nylon blouses.

cinnamongreyhound Sat 15-Feb-14 21:04:03

It's weird how they chose to dress her, considering she's a pretty wealthy woman you'd think she'd dress better.

Raahh Sat 15-Feb-14 21:13:44

What happened to the dresses she bought on her makeover session with Zara? Never seen them on her!

She's frumptastic, although I suppose having Val around makes her look a bit better by comparison. Zara gets all the best outfits.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 15-Feb-14 21:19:13

The doctors at our surgery dress really badly too. Maybe they save all their nice clothes for their days off when they won't be at risk of blood or vomit stains?

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