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Treasure Hunt is back!!!!

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landrover Sat 08-Feb-14 11:25:40

Ist episode Challenge tv tonight at six o'clock (repeated a few other times). I have series limked and am SOO excited. Who can forget the helicopter, Anneka s bottom, the contestants in the studio trying to work out what she is saying, the place she visits!!!!! (can you tell Im excited). Does anybody remember any episodes?

landrover Sat 08-Feb-14 11:27:03

I do remember her ripping her jumpsuit bottom and one of the camera men having to sew it up!!

Pixel Sat 08-Feb-14 18:51:11

Wasn't it Graham with the camera? I remember watching a spoof thing where the person taking off Anneka was shouting "keep up, Graham would!". We thought that was hilarious and it became a catch-phrase in our family for years afterwards.

I remember the episode where she went to Hickstead and ducked under the railing of the main ring and ran in without looking. She was almost flattened by a horse.

mrswobblebottom Sun 09-Feb-14 21:58:35

Liked the Interceptor too, around same time. Was it Annabel Croft shouting "keep your back away from him", from the scary scottish man in the long black leather coat in his. Magic Times!

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