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what happened right at the end of Casualty (01/02/14) - recording cut off

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Moln Sun 02-Feb-14 23:53:45

I was just at the part where the mum asked her son if his brother had really done it. Then the rotten brother walked up.

that's where it ended for me, did I miss much else?

TerrariaMum Tue 04-Feb-14 15:20:01

erm, police dropped charges against Dixie, robin won a tenner because she bet Zoe could be a porter without removing her stilettos, new porter (Max?) offered to buy her a drink, Dixie evaded Rita by saying she just wanted a quiet night in with a dvd, and mother got both her sons in the car and left, I think. does that help?

Pixel Tue 04-Feb-14 21:00:08

I thought it sounded like Dixie tried to evade Rita by saying she just wanted a quiet night in, but Rita said "yeah alright, see you later" so I thought she'd invited herself to the DVD viewing. Maybe I got that wrong and she just meant 'see you tomorrow at work'. It was the way she said it though.
Porter offered to buy Zoe a drink, but she shouted out to the rest of the staff to see if they wanted to come too, and made a very pointed remark about them being a Team (in case he was getting ideas probably).
The girl who was raped, her husband came back and apologised and they agreed they were going to do all they could to get the rapist convicted.
Rita was crossing the carpark when the rapist, brother and mum all came out to their conveniently parked car (not like our local hospital at all!), the mum shouted at the rapist to get in the back seat but he gave Rita an evil stare out of his remaining eye and she gave him evils back. It ended with Rita doing a long meaningful Silent Witness stare into space. Methinks that's a clue to possible future revenge shenanigans, you saw it here first.

Moln Tue 04-Feb-14 21:26:25

Ok, missed a reasonable amount then!! Thanks for the update!

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