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Doctors Addicts Anonymous Continued - February Frolics or WALOC?

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MsNobodyAgain Mon 27-Jan-14 13:50:40

This is a thread for all fans of the daytime soap 'Doctors', BBC1, 1.45pm. It generally brings us lots of WTF; lately it's been more WALOC (what a load of crap). But we love it!

We are nearly into February, Valentines Day is looming, Interflora are already hiring extra staff to deal with the flower orders coming my way hmm. So come on Gobby and Gobbyplod, it's time you were back together.

Enough with the memory loss. Think of this:
"You're the cream in my coffee
You're the salt in my stew
You will always be my necessity
I'd be lost without you"

Karen, it's time to let the sausage see the roll...

Everyone is welcome, especially newbies. Regulars please sign in. Lurkers...errrr, carry on lurking <waves>


WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes Mon 27-Jan-14 13:53:17

I'm not here, I'm at work

Raahh Mon 27-Jan-14 13:53:18


oh no- Jimmi's woman.

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 27-Jan-14 13:54:09

MsN, I was going to say lovely new thread, but "let the sausage see the roll"??? I am shock

Raahh Jo is 2.

Raahh Mon 27-Jan-14 13:54:20

So was she not married to her husband long, and that's why sour faced woman is pissed off?

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 27-Jan-14 13:54:36

You are so conscientious, WhoKnows.

Raahh Mon 27-Jan-14 13:55:02

2? And she's worried about pre-school. At 2, they stick play dough in their hair.

cinnamongreyhound Mon 27-Jan-14 13:55:15

He's 2 soon, this all started because she asked for her and Daniel to have the same day off to his birthday smile

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 27-Jan-14 13:55:29

She may not suit baby blue, MsN, but she has a lovely wig on, and looks very smart.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 27-Jan-14 13:56:01

What's wrong with 'let the sausage see the roll?".

A little bit of smut is expected on the thread.


cinnamongreyhound Mon 27-Jan-14 13:56:04

No she's worrying about primary school because 6tl asked her which school he was going to when she mentioned he was going to be 2.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 27-Jan-14 13:56:53

"There's still time to move house?"


Raahh Mon 27-Jan-14 13:58:07

'Buttoned up little spinster'

that's nicegrin

cinnamongreyhound Mon 27-Jan-14 13:58:14

Can Zara just prescribe cream for her mate?

Also, around here you can't do anything for school until the year before they are going to start. You can hand the form to school but it can't be submitted.

MsNobodyAgain Mon 27-Jan-14 13:58:31

Now Heston is getting free legal advice for his patients. Right...

cinnamongreyhound Mon 27-Jan-14 13:59:12

Oh dear Zara in her usual pc mode!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 27-Jan-14 13:59:35

Same here cinnamon.

Raahh Mon 27-Jan-14 13:59:39

I just sent my kids to the school the only childminder in the area did pick ups from.

Fortunately, it's not so badgrin

Raahh Mon 27-Jan-14 14:01:18

Oh, so she's not just some random, she's her mother!

Raahh Mon 27-Jan-14 14:01:50

ooh, miaow!

MsNobodyAgain Mon 27-Jan-14 14:02:07

The Zara scenario would make a cracking bun-fighty thread on MN.


cinnamongreyhound Mon 27-Jan-14 14:02:21

We have 2 within walking distance, our catchment one has a nursery which I wanted ds1 to go to so made sense for him to carry on in the same school. It helps that it's outstanding smile

cinnamongreyhound Mon 27-Jan-14 14:03:04

Actually felt a bit sorry for Zara then!

AnneEyhtMeyer Mon 27-Jan-14 14:03:41

Our local school is huge and failing, so rather than move we went private.

Raahh Mon 27-Jan-14 14:06:53

Oh please. So, we have a VAL-less episode, and end up with Drippy.

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