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The Jump

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RedToothBrush Sun 26-Jan-14 20:02:24


RedToothBrush Sun 26-Jan-14 20:03:46

Bling Eddie The Eagle.

What more do you need?!

Sparklingbrook Sun 26-Jan-14 20:05:21

Hello! looks crap! i am watching. grin

Best1sWest Sun 26-Jan-14 20:05:38

Me too.

ScrambledSmegs Sun 26-Jan-14 20:07:05

I'm watching. Have a feeling of mounting horror.

Sparklingbrook Sun 26-Jan-14 20:07:21

Bit too much reality TV at the moment. DOI, CBB and now this.....

ScrambledSmegs Sun 26-Jan-14 20:07:38

Eddie the Eagle was famous for being shit, right?

Is it some kind of metaphor?

Sparklingbrook Sun 26-Jan-14 20:07:56

Oh blimey I have just spotted Sinitta. sad

RedToothBrush Sun 26-Jan-14 20:08:35

Hehe yep.

And its full of people who have done reality tv before. And Sir Steve.

bisjo Sun 26-Jan-14 20:09:16

I'm watching and wondering how desperate must you be to want to be on tv to take part in this.

ScrambledSmegs Sun 26-Jan-14 20:10:30

Apparently Tara P-T was in it but dropped out halfway through training because 'it just wasn't for her'. Bit weird as she was tipped to win.

Sparklingbrook Sun 26-Jan-14 20:10:43

Oh forget Splash too. Reality Tv overload.

RedToothBrush Sun 26-Jan-14 20:11:24

I loved Ski Sunday...

lchats Sun 26-Jan-14 20:11:48

How dangerous is this? So glad it's not live!

RedToothBrush Sun 26-Jan-14 20:12:34

I thought the Jump bit was live.

bisjo Sun 26-Jan-14 20:13:09

I read that TPT dropped out because she didn't like the pressure of being the clear favourite.

Red this is not Ski Sunday grin

ScrambledSmegs Sun 26-Jan-14 20:13:54

The jump is live. Basically, if a jump goes wrong the worst case scenario is someone dies on live tv.

Which is why I'm a bit concerned that they haven't really thought this through.

furlinedsheepskinjacket Sun 26-Jan-14 20:13:55

its going to be rubbish smile i'm in

Samwidge Sun 26-Jan-14 20:14:15

Graham Bell is still very very fit and Warren (Instructor) teaches DP in Switzerland - nice guy.

RedToothBrush Sun 26-Jan-14 20:14:19


Its Ski Sunday with fucknuts on it!

bisjo Sun 26-Jan-14 20:14:23

It is a live show and the jump at the end is definitely live. Funny Guardian article here

ScrambledSmegs Sun 26-Jan-14 20:15:21

Oh, I read that.

'Family ski!'

What does that even mean?

bisjo Sun 26-Jan-14 20:15:25

Sorry the jump is live but the rest isn't.

RedToothBrush Sun 26-Jan-14 20:15:54

I love it even has the German countdown with cowbells!

ScrambledSmegs Sun 26-Jan-14 20:16:41

That was so sloooooow. Bless him.

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