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The Middle

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MoominMammasHandbag Fri 10-Jan-14 13:57:56

Finding this a really good show to watch with the teens. It's funny and really well observed and the acting is excellent.

Primrose123 Fri 10-Jan-14 13:59:50

It's brilliant. I love Sue, but feel so sorry for her. sad

Kasterborous Fri 10-Jan-14 14:31:52

I love it too. Apparently the new series is going to be shown on Comedy Central, not Sky 1 and starts on 21st Jan.

Gileswithachainsaw Fri 10-Jan-14 14:47:19

The middle is hilarious. Dd1 likes it too. Brick is brilliant

Ruprekt Fri 10-Jan-14 14:52:40

We all love it here inc dh and ds9. smilesmile

Rufustherednosedreindeer Fri 10-Jan-14 15:06:17

We all love it, the best bit ever was when Cameron was trying to break baby lily out of the car with the dustbin......I nearly wet myself!

QueenFuri Fri 10-Jan-14 15:35:49

I love the middle its the funniest thing I've seen for a while especially Axel and Sue! Hope it doesn't disappear now its on Comedy Central.

AlfieandAnnieRose Sat 11-Jan-14 21:47:53

I love the middle too! Thanks for the heads up about the new series Kasterborous, can't wait to watch it. Will be interesting to see how much the children have grown up (I don't know what the gap is between the last series). But I remember noticing in series 2 that Bricks's voice was breaking!

chubbychipmonk Sun 12-Jan-14 00:09:08

So glad u found this thread to tellme about new series & change of channel. I love the middle!

nipersvest Mon 13-Jan-14 22:30:47

we adore the middle, only found out about the channel change at the weekend, dd was gutted when it disappeared from sky, she records every episode. really want to see axl and cassidy get back together.

Wishfulmakeupping Mon 13-Jan-14 22:34:22

Ohhhh thanks katem did not know about channel change would have hated to miss it we love it

HKat Wed 15-Jan-14 12:05:25

Yeah thanks for the update, we've been trying to find when the new series starts, love it! Axel is my favourite, hope he's still in it as much now he's off to college...

Kasterborous Wed 15-Jan-14 14:09:19

I've just looked and it starts at 9pm on Tues 21st on Comdey Central. Can't wait, I too hope Axl is still in a lot, he's my favourite too.
The programme description is 'The Drop Off: against Axl's wishes, the whole family takes him to East Indiana State University and helps him move into the dorm. Brick keeps loosing his new cell phone' grin

maudpringle Wed 15-Jan-14 14:11:58

Love the axe mangrin
Patricia Heaton is so much nicer as Frankie than Debra.
Great show.

QueenFuri Wed 15-Jan-14 14:12:42

I love Axel too oh and Sue the episode where she fell of the swing all I have too do is think about that and I'm laughing grin . My almost 8 yo loves it too especially Brick! Hope they show reruns too.

Ticktock80 Wed 15-Jan-14 14:21:58

Rufus, I think you are talking about modern family

MarianneEnjolras Wed 15-Jan-14 18:34:04

I love the Middle, I'll always remember the quote "This is the houes where things come to die" just about sums up my house too. I'm pretty sure dh and I will end up like Frankie and Mike.

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