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Utopia on ITV - documentary on plight of Aboriginal Australians

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Sammy3 Sat 28-Dec-13 16:28:22

I already knew bits about it since I've been fascinated/horrified about the subject for decades. I've just watched this documentary which I'd recorded. Wow! Even with my prior knowledge, it's shocking. Anyone else watched it?

alcibiades Sat 28-Dec-13 19:55:44

I've found it on itvplayer, and bookmarked to watch it (probably tomorrow). I immediately recognised the name of John Pilger, because he has done many brilliant documentaries. Link for anyone else interested in watching:

I expect that this documentary will be very upsetting, but there are so many indigenous peoples whose stories need to be listened to.

I've done some online learning through an initiative by various Australian universities. I've just finished my third course and was looking for another to start next month. This one looks particularly relevant:

MintSpys Sat 28-Dec-13 19:57:34

I have recorded this but not had chance to watch it yet.

Sammy3 Mon 24-Mar-14 00:39:30

alicibiades, thanks for the links. I've been away from mumsnet for a few months. I wonder what you &the other poster thought about the documentary.

NadiaWadia Mon 24-Mar-14 19:27:13

Saw this documentary a while ago. It was a revelation and I was shocked, to be honest. You tend to have an image of Australia as a friendly, happy liberal country. Not if you are born an Australian Aboriginal, apparently.

Some of the things the Australian government has done, like passing special laws that only apply to the unfortunate residents of the settlements for indigenous people in the outback, I really don't see how they get away with. If it was a less wealthy country, surely the United Nations would be putting pressure on them?

The quality of the housing was appalling too. Very third world. Quite an eye opener.

VoyageDeVerity Mon 24-Mar-14 19:31:25

Thank you for posting this.

Sammy3 Wed 26-Mar-14 22:44:09

I'm glad a few other people watched as well since I agree it was very eye opening.

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