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Hubba hubba Idris Elba

(9 Posts)
Madamecastafiore Thu 26-Dec-13 21:21:56

BBC 2 in a racing car.

Madamecastafiore Thu 26-Dec-13 22:00:27

Am I the only one who saw it?

He in hot tub tomorrow!! grin

MikeChristmasTreeIsLit Thu 26-Dec-13 22:02:59

Ah crap I forgot about that.

Tomorrow is being recorded then. I seriously love Idris.

SauceForTheGander Thu 26-Dec-13 22:04:32

He looked lovely. DH switched over to big fat quiz sad

maillotjaune Thu 26-Dec-13 22:08:59

DH put it on. Not normally my kind if thing but I found it quite interesting wink

Madamecastafiore Fri 27-Dec-13 20:00:44

On bbc2 now!!

MikeChristmasTreeIsLit Sat 28-Dec-13 20:23:41

Finally saw it on iplayer.

I really do love Idris <sigh!>

Am also a little in love with Finland.

furlinedsheepskinjacket Sun 29-Dec-13 18:42:20

we love big dris

nikkihollis Mon 30-Dec-13 23:51:36

He has gorgeous eyes.

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