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MAD DOGS - s4 - LAST EVER - SAT 28 & SUN 29th - 9pm

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Blondeshavemorefun Mon 23-Dec-13 17:07:59

Title says it all smile

Will be interesting how they finally wrap this up sad

Have absolutely LOVED this programme and one of the few things on over Xmas that I want to watch

SinisterBuggyMonth Mon 23-Dec-13 20:24:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stila Mon 23-Dec-13 23:51:16

I'm in fsmile

MsRyanGosling Tue 24-Dec-13 00:24:29

Me too. Marc Warren's character is my favourite.

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 25-Dec-13 20:10:59

They are all fab actors tho after Marc warren is cute

Love him in hustle

SinisterBuggyMonth Thu 26-Dec-13 00:25:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 26-Dec-13 16:56:15

guess i could let you

weird that his brother is in hustle with marc

Davros Thu 26-Dec-13 19:54:16

Fight you for Glenister or take turns?!

SinisterBuggyMonth Thu 26-Dec-13 22:36:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 27-Dec-13 23:03:46

Whoop. It's on tomorrow smile

Frozenatchristmas Sat 28-Dec-13 09:27:04

Double header. Sky set.

Wishfulmakeupping Sat 28-Dec-13 09:32:41

Thank you had forgetten this was on

Blondeshavemorefun Sat 28-Dec-13 21:40:26

So it's revenge of the policemen?

Davros Sun 29-Dec-13 00:28:30

Is it going to be repeated? Too much being recorded already!

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 29-Dec-13 13:58:50

I don't know davros. Sure it will be smile

Stila Sun 29-Dec-13 14:47:03

There was a lot of jumping (times and location ) about last night . Looking forward to the conclusion .

Davros Sun 29-Dec-13 16:00:39

Hurrah! TiVo (which I usually hate) has recorded it because we recorded the last series and it remembers!

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 29-Dec-13 22:01:00

Yah davros


What did you think of the final episode ...,,

spookyskeleton Sun 29-Dec-13 22:10:08

I didn't understand the ending blush confused

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 29-Dec-13 23:09:55

Mad dogs last ever episode or is it?

I didn't get it sad

Sad when Baxter killed his gf sad

Who was the bloke in the car who unmasked his self

Did the 4 die in the car crash?

Silly ending - unless isn't last episode?

Nospringchickendipper Sun 29-Dec-13 23:58:30

Could someone explain the ending.I am totally confused (confused)
Did they get shot?
Hate ending like that.

Davros Mon 30-Dec-13 00:04:34

I haven't watched it yet. Intrigued......

HoHoHopelessAtNamingBabies Mon 30-Dec-13 00:15:42

Theory in this house, courtesy of DH, is that they were killed on the beach and everything afterwards was symbolic of the road to nothing (the recurring poster of the face has a slogan that alludes to this). Baxter seeing himself as the perpetrator was a reminder that the bad decisions brought it all on themselves.

Blondeshavemorefun Mon 30-Dec-13 00:35:22

Was it Baxter in the other car unmasked? Couldn't work out who it was?

I wondered if it was the bloke they mentioned who for with the girl they all liked at college

Tho liking the 4 dead thorey and road to nowhere

But why can't they had a proper ending sad

Bit like how the 1st series ended and you thought oh. What happened next

Then had s 234

Still think 4 shots would have been better

And what happened to max beasleys gf nurse? Did she go to bar? Was she killed?

Stila Mon 30-Dec-13 01:08:13

Oh its so obvious when you put it like that HoHo grin

I assumed they had been shot and was thinking the rest was what was going on in Baxter's head as he waited to die /dying.

Yes def Baxter in the car Blondes , from the phone being dead I assumed they must have killed Woody's gf and removed sim / smashed up phone .

Given the number of WTF moments that the whole series has had , an ending where people are questioning what happened is quite fitting .

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