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Corrie characters you've unexpectedly seen out and about whilst going about your business...

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Misfitless Mon 23-Dec-13 09:28:08

Let the thread commence.....

Peter Barlow, on 15th December, walking from the pub to see the Pogues...

Gatekeeper Mon 23-Dec-13 09:30:15

Curly Watts and Kevin Webster standing in a field, whilst I was walking past said field

Misfitless Mon 23-Dec-13 09:31:07

Gatekeeper a double whammy!

Were filming?

Misfitless Mon 23-Dec-13 09:32:20

Were they filming?

NotAnotherStuffedTurkey Mon 23-Dec-13 09:32:38

Dev on the anti Iraq war demonstration many many year ago.

ProfYaffle Mon 23-Dec-13 09:53:47

Ashley regularly popped up in my Mum and Dad's local. Sue Johnson used to live nearby too and we frequently had various Brookside stars turn up in the Off Licence.

Gatekeeper Mon 23-Dec-13 10:46:15

no they were there to play a charity football match later that day but had got there a bit too early. I did a double take and scurried away thinking I was seeing the Corrie equivilant of pink elephants grin

Gatekeeper Mon 23-Dec-13 10:47:05

does Ashley talk like that in real life ProfYaffle ?

TooTabooHasBigShinyBaubles Mon 23-Dec-13 10:58:18

Prof We must live in the same town.

Ashley's mum and step-dad live in the same street as my parents.

Tyrone's parents live in the next street along.

Many years ago I worked at Manchester Airport and would go to Hale Barns for lunch or to the Black Bull pub, I queued next to Kevin Webster in the chippy (very small) and got eyed up and down by Des Barnes in the pub.

Went to Paul Weller concert in Manchester with my mum. Ended up stood next to Jill Halfpenny, Martin Webster and the bloke who played Sam the GP. Martin kept offering my mum a drink of his beer and was dancing and singing with her grin

I believe Sue Johnston lives not far from me, albeit in much naicer area.

jimijack Mon 23-Dec-13 11:01:31

Trafford centre saw Fiz having a coffee and cake.
Also in the Trafford centre Dierdre Barlow with bags of shopping, wow she is tall.

ProfYaffle Mon 23-Dec-13 11:13:15

Tootaboo I don't live there anymore, moved to Norfolk some years ago. I know Sue Johnson used to live in Cinnamon Brow when my Mum worked at the shop by the Farm but that was in the 80's, she bought cheap wrapping paper and had her ham cut very thin. I think she moved ages ago.

We used to see Ashley all over the place. iirc he's not quite so squeaky irl though his brother was startlingly squeaky when we met him once.

Just remembered one of my friends sat across the aisle from Rita on a train. Said she was very regal, faux posh and very scary.

Aworryingtrend Mon 23-Dec-13 12:23:17

My DH saw Sunita on a train from London to Edinburgh.

ExitPursuedByAChristmasGrinch Mon 23-Dec-13 12:25:48

Peter Barlow asked me for directions to our local pub in some very snowy conditions last year.

Martin Platt frequently as his DD is at school with mine.

Sunita as she turns up at school sometime as she is an ex pupil.

Used to see Kevin Webster when he lived locally.

And Deirdre as she has family locally.

Rollerskaterabbit Mon 23-Dec-13 13:14:56

Saw Vera Duckworth in Prestwich Tesco loads years ago when I lived there. Saw Gail Platt on the train down to London and saw Dev at Euston - he is really really tall. Saw Curly Watts at Dunham Massey and used to see Sally Webster in Altrincham. Now moved to London and never see anyone famous. And never talk to my neighbours sad

somedizzywhore1804 Mon 23-Dec-13 13:18:21

I also saw Fiz in The Trafford Centre- in Topshop!

wintera Mon 23-Dec-13 13:37:11

I saw Dev in a stairway of the car park near the Lowry theate once. Met Sue Johnston once but it was when she was in brookside not Corrie. It was at a charity football match.

Minione Mon 23-Dec-13 15:34:47

I saw Izzy at St pancreas station! My DH saw Mike Baldwin in a pub in Manchester - he claims 'Mike' commented in how good his pint of Guinness looked.

Minione Mon 23-Dec-13 15:35:29

*Pancras not pancreas!

TheZeeTeam Mon 23-Dec-13 15:40:32

Gail Platt chatting to Felicity Kendall in Peter Jones in 1991. I know. I totally win. fwink

Jbck Mon 23-Dec-13 17:58:12

Tony Gordon, at DCs school, his child was there too.

ThreeBeeOneGee Mon 23-Dec-13 18:05:56

I used to attend a parent & toddler group with Wendi Peters. She was friendly and nice, as well as being a lovely mum to her DD. Have never watched Coronation Street, but another mum mentioned that she used to be in it.

fanoftheinvisibleman Mon 23-Dec-13 18:08:51

Toyah Battersby at Piccadily Station, years ago when she was still in it. We were on our way home from a city game. I remember thinking she was way prettier in real life.

JadziaSnax Mon 23-Dec-13 18:15:10

I saw Leanne Battersby shopping in Next in Bury.

Ghostsdonttalk Mon 23-Dec-13 18:24:32

In Centerparcs, Eileen and her on screen son Todd. About 8 years ago. It was weird, why would they have been on hols together?

I don't watch anymore so don't know if they are still in it.

fanoftheinvisibleman Mon 23-Dec-13 19:38:56

Oh how could I forget too.. David Platt sitting by the pool watching the rest of us swimming at a caravan site in Skipsea!

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