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Doctor Who 50th (part 2)

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LetZygonsbeZygons Mon 25-Nov-13 17:27:19

Yessss! we reached 10000 posts! I was in the middle of one when it came up it was not rreceiving any more!.

okay, can we carry on?

Davros Sun 29-Dec-13 20:45:39

tardis just testing, it's still here!

MalcolmTuckersMistress Mon 30-Dec-13 09:02:56

I hope they keep it it's the best smiley in mumsnet history tardis

Davros Mon 30-Dec-13 09:15:45

I would like a Dalek one to imply wanting to exterminate something! tardis

LetZygonsbeZygons Mon 30-Dec-13 18:08:26

tardis tardis tardis tardis

YY best emoticon apart from the tennis ball!
Malcolm are you going to change your nn to The Doctors mistress ? grin tardis

diddl Wed 01-Jan-14 16:53:29

Anyone know when the new series with PC starts?

RustyBear Wed 01-Jan-14 17:18:48

Not till the autumn, apparently sad tardis

diddl Wed 01-Jan-14 17:23:32

Blimey-that's a bit of a wait!

OodlesofOods Wed 01-Jan-14 18:51:29

Didn't realise it was that far away!

MalcolmTuckersMistress Wed 01-Jan-14 20:33:24

End of September start of October apparently!

Think I should zygons mwaaahaaahaaa!

OhYouMerryLittleKitten Wed 01-Jan-14 21:21:02

What? sad that's just rubbish.

TheDoctrineOf2014 Sat 04-Jan-14 23:25:41



TheDoctrineOf2014 Sat 04-Jan-14 23:28:07

Bah. I was away so hid the thread, have only just watched it. Bit disappointing on first watch, TBH.

LetZygonsbeZygons Sun 05-Jan-14 18:06:35

What? no Easter special???sador a summer teaser? what shall we all do with ourselves????

RustyBear Mon 06-Jan-14 19:21:16

And they've taken the [tardis] away too... sad

However, in an attempt to cheer us all up - have you seen this rather good Wholock video?

LetZygonsbeZygons Tue 07-Jan-14 17:50:48

they showed the fires of Pompeii on watch today! Peter Capaldi! then I had a little nap and dreamt with him!

cant wait till September! well have to keep a cold turkey thread going for us Whovians!!!!

SomethingkindaOod Mon 13-Jan-14 21:47:55

They've started filming on location!
Pics taken by fans on Twitter, best searching for #dwsr. Mr C still not in his actual costume so far...

LetZygonsbeZygons Thu 16-Jan-14 17:23:56

theres a small pic in radio times (I think|)of PC and clara! first day of fliming pic, I think.

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 07:51:24

Where is it? I have combed this week's and next week's RT and can't see it. Help!

RustyBear Fri 17-Jan-14 12:51:52

Is it this one?

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 13:14:48

So are those his clothes or The Doctor's?

RustyBear Fri 17-Jan-14 14:53:58

That's Matt Smith's Doctor's coat. There were pictures of filming earlier this week showing him riding a horse in what looked like a nightshirt...

LetZygonsbeZygons Fri 17-Jan-14 17:24:46

yes that's the pic I saw. whatever he wears hell be yummy!!!!

Davros Fri 17-Jan-14 18:39:23

Ooooer, that will be a bit hard on the knackers

BorisBeckersCupboard Wed 22-Jan-14 19:16:23

This is LetZygons with a tennis nn btw! will revert back to a zygon after the aussie open!

anyway, my dream last night could have been written by mark Gattis!

It involved the Silence chasing me up some creepy stairs, and every time I looked through a door to escape id be confronted by daleks, and when I managed to get to the flat at the top of the stairs I banged on the door and it was opened by Benedict Cumbercatch!!

and he told me to enter in and there sitting on a couch was Matt Smith!

I must have been so squeeee by then seeing those 2 it woke me up! who knows how that dream would have ended grin.

BorisBeckersCupboard Sat 25-Jan-14 19:26:07

we just watched 'state of decay' with Tom baker, Romana and Adric on dvd. nothing else was on.

and K9 was in it too! we should have a K9 emoticon too!

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