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Is anyone excited by the new Spooks film?

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HalleLouja Tue 19-Nov-13 11:51:31

Or is it just me? Would be more excited if I knew Tom Quinn was going to be in it. They killed off most of the good spooks including Ruth. sad

Thurlow Tue 19-Nov-13 11:54:22

I haven't heard about this, what are they saying?

Agree if Tom or Richard Armitage was going to be in it I'd be far more excited. I think I only watches series 1-2, and 7-9 - am shallow blush

DuckToWater Tue 19-Nov-13 11:54:49

Has it got Lucas North in it?

If not, then no. grin

HalleLouja Tue 19-Nov-13 11:56:03

I thought Richard Armitage died. Or I might be getting confused.

Have a look here. There are lots of links if you google it too.

HalleLouja Tue 19-Nov-13 11:56:59

Didn't Lucas have a different real name? I was a big fan of Adam. Though I don't fancy him in anything else.

Thurlow Tue 19-Nov-13 12:35:12

One of my terrible 'claim to fame' celebrity spots is that I used to live a few streets away from Rupert Penry-Jones and Dervla Kirwan. I used to see them, looking all shiny and healthy with their kids on a Saturday morning while I staggered, unwashed and hungover, to Sainsbury's to buy sausages.

Kit Harrington is good in GoT but I've not seen him in anything else. He's too young and not as lovely at either Matthew MacFadyen or Richard Armitage though.

DuckToWater Tue 19-Nov-13 14:23:54

"Lucas" or John, supposedly fell to his death off a building, but off camera, so you never know.

Loopytiles Tue 19-Nov-13 19:53:33

All for it if they bring back sexy blokes from the dead - zombie spooks?

IHadADreamThatWasNotAllADream Tue 19-Nov-13 19:59:39

I'm only watching if Ros Myers is in it.
She's not dead, she wasn't dead the first time they buried her, and it would take more than being blown up and having a hotel fall in her to kill Ros. La la la, not listening.

HalleLouja Tue 19-Nov-13 20:26:32

Liking Zombie Spooks. Maybe we could pitch it? We could get Tom to be the go between between real life and zombie spooks.

IHadADreamThatWasNotAllADream Tue 19-Nov-13 20:32:03

Ooh yes. And Connie and Ros could be vampires. Lovely Danny would be a good zombie, and poor Colin could be a ghost.

IHadADreamThatWasNotAllADream Tue 19-Nov-13 20:33:45

Ruth should be an angel because (much though I loved her) she was far too good to be true. Lisa Faullkner could be a Beetlejuice-style ghost with a deep fried crispy batter head.

HalleLouja Wed 20-Nov-13 10:55:07

There is talk of Zoe / Keely Hawes who is lucky enough to be married to Tom in real life coming back so maybe they could do it together.

Highlander Wed 20-Nov-13 19:17:17

PMSL Ihaveadream!!

helzapoppin2 Thu 21-Nov-13 22:03:57

Harry? I'm not interested unless he's in it!

HalleLouja Fri 22-Nov-13 10:14:33

Don't fret there is going to be Saint Harry. Maybe in Zombie Spooks he could be the priest.

sleepdodger Sun 24-Nov-13 04:05:07

Oooooh love spooks
Went to college with one of them

HalleLouja Sun 24-Nov-13 12:39:09

Do we get a clue sleepdodger?

I went to college with the new Miss Moneypenny a different type of sppok.

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